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Car drivers


  • - Brake Calculation of speed along the braking distance.
  • - AvtoExperts Service of questions and answers for motorists.
  • - drivetribe Website motorists with an emphasis on video.
  • - Uazbuka Stories about the history, models and modifications of UAZ cars, tips for choosing and purchasing.
  • - Kruti Motor The site is dedicated to a piston internal combustion engine.
  • - Avtozam Assistant in the repair and maintenance of cars.
  • - Autopoints Motorists.
  • - Etlib DIY car repair.
  • - Motor Car magazine about cars, road racing.
  • - Catalog officially sold cars.

Auto News

Auto News

  • - Car of the Year.

Auto News

  • - Motorsports wheels Car magazine.
  • - Today's autonews Network publication about new products of the world and domestic auto industry.
  • - 1GAI Auto portal with a lot of material.
  • - Avtozvuk-Info Lovers and professionals car audio.
  • - AvtoVzglyad Auto magazine.
  • - Autonews The site may be of interest to car owners who are interested in what is happening in the automotive industry.
  • - Drive Auto portal.
  • - Auto Buying a car.
  • - Yandex.News Yandex finds and provides in one place all the news relating to the automotive theme.
  • - CAR.RU Car portal. Buying selling cars, motorcycles. Latest news from autoworld.

Auto tips

  • - Avtoelektrik-Info Information on the repair and maintenance of electricians of all the most popular models of cars and motorcycles.

Auto manuals

  • - Car guides Technical manuals for repair and service, descriptions, as well as the operation of vehicles.
  • - Avtoelektrik-Info Information on the repair and maintenance of electricians of all the most popular models of cars and motorcycles.

Social cars

Social network motorists

    Auto forums

    • - Daewoo Lanos Lanos club.
    • - Daewoo Lanos
    • - Peugeot Ukrainian club Peugeot.
    • - SEAT Forums of the SEAT-club.
    • - Nissan Micra Ukrainian club of fans of Nissan Micra.
    • - Mercedes-Benz Independent club of Mercedes owners in Ukraine.
    • - Volkswagen Jetta Auto Club Volkswagen Jetta.
    • - Volkswagen Volkswagen Club.
    • - Volkswagen Tiguan VW Tiguan Club.
    • - Subaru Club-Subaru.Com.
    • - Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Club Ukraine.
    • - Suzuki Ukrainian club of Suzuki lovers.
    • - Citroen All-Ukrainian club owners Citroen C.
    • - Dacia Ukrainian Dacia Club.
    • - Dacia Logan-club in Ukraine.
    • - Renault Renault-Club Ukraine.
    • - Renault Logan Logan Club.
    • - Renault Renault-Club.Com.Ua.
    • - Mazda Ukrainian Mazda Club.
    • - Mazda Mazda Club.
    • - Daewoo Matiz Matiz-club.
    • - Hyundai Hyundai Club.
    • - Chevrolet Niva Ukrainian Car Fans Club Chevy Niva.
    • - Chery Ukrainian Chery Club.
    • - Nissan Nissan Club Ukraine.
    • - Chevrolet Cruze Chevrolet Cruze Club.
    • - Skoda Skoda Club Ukraine.
    • - Ford Fiesta Fiesta Clube Ukraine.
    • - Fiat Fiat Clube Ukraine.
    • - Ford Ford Focus Club.
    • - KIA cee'd Cee'd club.
    • - Opel Kyiv Opel Club.
    • - Opel Ukrainian Opel Club.
    • - Honda Honda Mafia.
    • - Toyota Toyota Club Ukraine.
    • - Chevrolet Captiva Chevrolet Captiva (Chevrolet Captiva) Club.
    • - Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Ukrainian Club.

      For justice

      • - Car lawer For justice.
      • - RosYama Map pits and other outrages on the road.

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