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Fishing on map

logo RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz


All legislative acts, including the establishment of fish protection zones;
a calendar of championships and texts of regulations on international and Russian competitions.


Directory hunting and fishing bases Leningrad region to the price list for such services as rental boats, accommodation in the lodge, parking, bath furnace, and others.

Russian spinning League

official site

address: Russia

All comers are given the opportunity to try their hand and try to enter the first or even the highest division of the spinners;
both divisions - reserve for the national team's composition Russia, Which will take part in Russian or international competitions.
Fishing. Calendar of competitions. Rating of athletes. Results and reports of competitions. Spinning section.

logo Russian Federation of Sport Fishing

official site

address: Russia

Russian Federation of Sport Fishing

Ratings of notable fishermen-athletes;
changes made to the "Fisheries Rules"
the best results shown in the championships and record catches
articles with practical recommendations on catching specific species of fish on this or that Type of equipment.


official site

address: Russia, Moscow

MSOO Moscow Society of Hunters and Fishermen. Addresses of regional hunting and fishing farms and the catalog of fishing bases; Regulatory documents relating to amateur and professional fishing.


Main Hunting portal of the Runet.

Contains the online version of the “Russian Hunting Gazette” and the magazine “Hunting and Fishing XXI Century”.

logo Globaldrive


Online store of equipment for outdoor activities, hunting and fishing.

Exclusive distributor of Mercury Stormline, Mikatsu and Sharmax brands throughout Russia.For you always available:

  • boat engines,
  • RIB, PVC boats
  • SUP inflatable boards,
  • snowmobiles and ATVs,
  • generators, snow blowers and lawn mowers,
  • parts and accessories.
Own service centers, warehouses, trading floors, quality control department, dealer network in Russia.A full range of services for the diagnosis, repair, improvement, tuning of boat motors, ATVs, SUP boards, RIB and PVC boats.

logo Rybalka4you


Fishing online store.

  • Gifts to fishermen,
  • fish pillows,
  • trout section,
  • winter fishing,
  • spinning,
  • fishing rods, feeders, carp rods,
  • coils,
  • fishing line and cords,
  • bait
  • lead, feeders,
  • hooks, swivels, floats,
  • leads,
  • prikormki and aromatics,
  • live nozzle,
  • cages, landing podsachek,
  • camping utensils,
  • chairs and armchairs,
  • clothes and shoes,
  • cases and tubes,
  • bags and backpacks,
  • tents,
  • sleeping bags,
  • gas equipment,
  • braziers, smokehouse, grill,
  • echo sounders
  • boats,
  • knives, scissors.


  1. In Moscow and Moscow Region, it is carried out by its couriers, who can advise on the goods.
  2. Pickup from the store - metro "Akademicheskaya", at: Moscow, Dmitry Ulyanov Street 20k1, entrance from the courtyard, third floor, office 310. Next to the store there is a free parking (from the yard).
  3. Russian Post.
  4. SDEK.

Fishing and fishermen

Edition writing about fishing.
Included in the structure of the Internet holding Pravda.Ru.

Baits, tackle, fish, recipes, winter fishing, spearfishing, fishing techniques as well as unique photos and videos about fishing.

logo Rybalkashop


Fishing online store.

A wide range of products for amateurs and professionals.Large selection of reels, rods, baits, clothes, shoes, tents, covers and everything you need for winter and summer fishing from leading manufacturers in the world.

You can get advice from experts.


Free delivery within the Moscow Ring Road is valid for a total order value of more than 3,000 rubles.Free delivery to the regions is valid with a total order value of more than 7,000 rubles.
  1. courier service Shop-Logistics,
  2. CDEC,
  3. EMS Russian Post.

Blog - magazines about fishing

A collection of magazines about fishing: "Big Fishing", "The World of Underwater Hunting", "Fishing in Russia", "Fisher with Us", "Fishermen" and "Sport Fishing", since 2003 to this day. The collection is equipped with a convenient search engine, you can subscribe to the RSS newsletter.

logo Fisherman Fisherman Magazine

Fisherman Fisherman Magazine

Regularly announced fresh numbers, and the former can be found in the archive;
the dictionary of a fisherman;
a photo contest of trophies;
a forum ...

logo Fishing


Another site for fishermen.

  • Interactive GPS map - interesting places in pictures and coordinates.
  • Popular photos - the most interesting and frequently viewed photos.
  • Personal pages - personal profile of active anglers and hunters
  • Photo reports - rest in photos and comments.
  • Forum
  • Actions and activities
  • Interesting publications and articles about fishing.
  • Recipes of dishes from fish and game.
  • Ukraine's fishing grounds.
  • Fishing and hunting terminology.

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