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logo GovLoop


The knowledge network for the government is a social network uniting more than 300,000 leaders of the federal, state and local levels.


To connect government to improve government.

This is done by

  1. In-depth editorial reporting and research about topics at the intersection of management and technology.
  2. News coverage of issues and events that are pertinent to the government community.
  3. Weekly online trainings and self-paced courses.
  4. Speaking engagements.
  5. Leadership programs, and more.GovLoop also works with top industry partners, such as ESRI, HP, Microsoft and IBM, to provide resources and tools, such as infographics, market trend reports and educational events for public-sector professionals.

logo Couple



A social network for two.
Young people want to retire, do not want anyone to see their correspondence.
The output is simple - do not communicate with each other on social networks. But this kind of communication has become a part of life. What to do.
Here to you a social network where there is no place to anybody, except for two.

Here everything that is used, mandatory chat with support for photos, video and audio messages, applications for the smartphone, for mobility.
Even a drawing room where you can draw together.

There is such a practical thing, As a list of tasks. We plan together. The network has a map where couples are shown and how they keep in touch, many are very far apart. There are about 5 million of them already!

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A SMALL WORLD is a leading international private life style club founded in 2004 as one of the first social networks. Members from all over the world share extraordinary experience in order for comrades to fit into the surrounding society.

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Duma network



state site.

Parliamentary portal.
It is also called the Duma social network.
Its task is to discuss initiatives and laws with regional deputies. This is a closed network, because ordinary people can not participate, but can see and read everything.

If something does not suit you, you can always use other services or contact the deputy himself via his website.

The RSNET network (Russian State Network) is a segment of Internet for federal government bodies and state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
Following the connection of federal authorities, the network operator - FSO - intends to involve the authorities in it The power of the subjects Russia.

Any local government can connect to a secure network right up to the city administration, but on condition that it can pay for itself Connection to up to one of 60 nodes of the network.

The RSNet network started creating tsya in 1998 under the leadership of the Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information (FAGCI). In 2003, after the abolition of FAPSI and the creation of the Federal Security Service (FSO), the functions of the RSNet operator went to the special communication and information service at FSO. Within the RSNet project, domains, and were registered. For the network users, the range of local IP addresses was selected. Sub-domains transferred to the administration of the government apparatus, the State Duma and the Federation Council, the Security Council, the FSB, FSO, the Ministry of Emergencies and others. The purpose of the RSNet project, in addition to posting information on the activities of power structures, is to provide access to Internet to officials. FSO, as they say in the annex to the order of Murov, provides information interaction with providers of Internet access services, financial and technical support, as well as security. In addition, the FSO is engaged in connecting new users to the network.

In the future, the FSO plans to develop a network for government agencies, build new RSNet nodes, develop services and provide users with access to audiovisual files, and provide mail servers. As part of the development of the network, the FSO has already launched a state system for the dissemination of legal acts to support government agencies ( Simple citizens can also take advantage of this system. In this library all documents, legal acts and decrees since Petrine times are collected, they say in FSO. In addition, as part of the development of the network, it is planned to create English versions of government websites for the English-speaking audience, as well as mobile versions of portals for phone owners and PDAs.

In Russian


Business social network of top managers and managers of different levels.

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