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Music streaming


There used to be a choice of listening to music on the radio or your music library.
Radio is like luck, good music and not so much.
The phono library is what I want, but I have to do the organization.

Streaming sites study your preferences and create your stream, your radio, where something you like and what users with similar musical preferences like.

Here you can always adjust your preferences, noting the songs as favorite or vice versa.
Or you can listen to someone in particular.

logo Spotify


The most popular streaming music service in the world.
Popular thanks to the convenience and musical base.

Personally for me very soon all became clear.
You just create your own playlist. Well, not you, you're using it, your preferences are being studied and your playlist is being created.
At the moment you can listen to popular playlists. I especially liked the song, we note the heart, do not like it - we press the following.
May choose a specific artist, there is a form of search.
We just listen to what we're interested in and build our own playlist.
It will be ready soon and we can listen to it like our radio.
If we can choose a set of songs we can choose the ones we already have, we can choose the artists and the songs.

Service is free. If you like to listen music offline so you have to pay.

Personally, I'm avoiding everything that's paid for as much as possible. There are too many small payments, additional worries.

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo Yandex.Music


Service for searching and listening to music.
All music on the service is legal - Yandex has entered into agreements with more than 50 rightholders, including Universal, EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, First Music Publishing House, Monolit, SBA Production ...

The main thing is that Yandex is definitely better suited for those who love Russian music, Western services have few contacts with our rightholders.
Yandex has fewer agreements with western rightholders, but All the same quite a lot.

Simple, intuitive, convenient, licensed.

Translation And

  • Search for styles,
  • musicians,
  • songs,
  • years and just search.
  • The entire search takes place without rebooting, so do not interfere with listening to music.
  • The history of the listener is saved.
  • You can play one song or an entire album.
  • You can add to the playlist.
Nothing to study is not necessary, just go and use.
  • More than 20 million tracks
  • more than 60 000 artists
  • in 81 genres

Paid version

  1. Trial month;
  2. 149 rubles a month;
  3. when paying for a year - 25% discount;
  4. HQ - music of high quality;
  5. access to all tracks on Yandex.Music;
  6. the ability to save tracks and listen to them without connecting to Internet.


iTunes Android

In Russian
logo Apple Music

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Apple,

phone.:8 800 333‑51‑73 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: USA, Купертино, 1 Infinite Loop, CA 95014

Apple Music

Service for searching and listening to music. 60 million songs.
3 months free.
Subscription - 269 ₽ per month.

Apple Music is available on iTunes. You can use Apple Music on iOS and Android devices.

Student subscription

75 ₽ per month.

Individual subscription

.169 ₽ per month.

Family subscription

269 ₽ per month.
up to 6 users.

iTunes Android

logo YouTube Music

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Google,

address: USA

YouTube Music

Streaming music, audio and video.
Subscription - 299 ₽ per month. It is more convenient to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

There are many music videos on the leading video hosting YouTube.
Google has made a separate service where you can put them together.

The service guesses your preferences and first of all offers videos that you might like.
You can watch them in a stream, or you can watch them as separate videos.

The application allows you to listen to streaming music.

iTunes Android

logo Deezer

reliable site
- Russian

address: France, Париж


As a matter of fact it is a search engine of music, but with its well-integrated player.
It is calculated on fans of musical centers.
In addition to the songs, you can listen to the radio streams and playlists of friends, share your audio files, read the industry news that Michael Jackson sells at the auction awards, socks with diamonds and a bunch of personal belongings and who knows who will soon put on his contextual advertising Direct.

iTunes Android Blackberry

logo BOOM


Music player VK and Odnoklassniki.

Create playlists, add your favorite tracks, download and listen to new music on the way to work and with friends.

App features:

  • Synchronization with profile.
  • Broadcast music to VKontakte profile status.
  • Save music to your phone.
  • News feed.
  • Multifunctional player with equalizer.
  • Personal recommendations.
  • Top of the popular.
  • Pages of artists and genre sections.
  • Timer to turn off music.
  • Equalizer.

iTunes Android

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