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A graduate student who began to conduct scientific research is constantly confronted with the problem of statistical data processing. All possible criteria: Chi-square criterion or Fisher Criterion, Student's t-test, Wilcoxon's criterion or Mann-Whitney Criterion and when are they eligible? Is it a pair test? Where to get the value of p and when can it be used?

We will calculate descriptive statistics for you (for quantitative variables: mean, standard deviation, standard error of mean, minimum, maximum value, median, lower, upper quartile, confidence interval; For qualitative data: absolute relative value)! We will calculate for you the correlation of all possible combinations of signs! The site will select the appropriate criteria and calculate the value of the statistical significance of the difference in characteristics!

Before the study, it is often necessary to determine the optimal sample size. To formalize the study. For the technical support of the research, the researcher (research organization, commercial organization conducting the research) needs a database for entering and storing questionnaires, operators filling out the database with completed questionnaires, individual registration cards, a statistical department that provides full statistical processing of the data.

  • The service will calculate the optimal sample size,
  • perform randomization that matches your research plan,
  • create a database (MS Access, MS SQL Server) for your research,
  • provide double entry in Database of your questionnaires, KFM, qualified operators that is guaranteed to protect you from input errors,
  • ...
  • professionally draw up a report, taking into account all your wishes!

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