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Official statistics of Russia

Population census

  • - Census 2002 Results of the All-Russia Population Census of 2002.

Real-time statistics

Official statistics international

  • - Countrymeters Real-time statistics. Data on the population of any country.

Official statistics


  • - The very first site about all the very first An interesting information site about everything first.
  • - Fitness for the brain An interesting information and facts.
  • - Factsie Online video converter - YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Clipfish and MyVideo Videos to MP3, MP4.
  • - FACTSlides The tape of the facts in the slides.
  • - Explore Everything Information and entertainment tape in real time on events of Russian and world scale.
  • - Faktrum More than 3,000 of the facts.

Order Statistics

  • - Statistical help! Order Statistics.

Service surveys

  • - Vox Service surveys.

Statistics of Internet

Internet in the figures

Top Internet

Top online

  • - Adobe Popular programs: Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Photoshop ... For a computer browser, smart phone or online.
  • - Microsoft Corporation The official website for Microsoft and their products.

News agencies

  • - RIA News The Russian News and Information Agency.

Top online

  • - reddit Social news site, users collect news from other sites that are considered important.

Statistics - domains

    Statistics keywords

      Site traffic statistics

        Internet and marriage statistics

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