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DNS tunes

(анг. DNS - Domain Name System)
The Internet is a global network of computers and everybody has their own addresses, which consist of a group of digits like, which computers and servers understand, but not the average user, we understand the URL - addresses of the sites where their system, such as - Yandex in the zone of RU.
We give their addresses, which we understand and special services translate into groups of digits.

logo Yandex.DNS

reliable site

Owner: Яндекс,

address: Russia


Free DNS-service, blocking dangerous sites and sites for adults.
Also protects against viruses and fraud.

The easiest way to set up Yandex.DNS is through a Wi-Fi access point.
For D- Link and ZyXEL we have developed firmware together with manufacturers.
Also Yandex.DNS is easy to configure manually:

  • on the access point
  • on a computer or laptop
  • on mobile devices

Addresses Yandex.DNS:

Predecessed DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

Predecessed DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

Predecessed DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

logo OpenDNS

reliable site

Owner: Cisco,

address: USA


An Internet service that provides public DNS servers.
There is a free mode, fixes typos in the typed addresses, phishing filter.

In case of error, the page with the form of search and advertising is displayed, which is disabled on the paid rate.

logo Google Public DNS

reliable site

Owner: Google,

address: USA

Google Public DNS

Completely free of charge.
Why would I do that? For faster loading of sites and more stable work of the Internet.
I highly recommend just to try.

As a reward, Google will get to know you better, but not to steal bank details and steal your money.
It's just that Google will find out your preferences so that you can see the least intrusive advertisement. To make your ads fit your needs and interests, and Google will earn more money from them.

Google Public DNS Addresses - IPv4:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

Google Public DNS Addresses - IPv6:


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