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Maps and navigator.
Very well advanced maps from Nokia, which were originally just maps for mobile navigators.
Now they become full-fledged maps that are not inferior to Google.

It's more pleasant to work with them than with others, very soft and quality scrolling, loading.

The maps are made primarily for ease of use on mobile devices.

At the moment my city is shown in detail, besides the photo from space is much more decent than Yandex, because it was made in the summer, not dirty autumn.
I tried different navigators, Ruku application on Android was the best. You can download and use offline.

There are panoramas, also Europe and the USA.

iTunes Android

logo Yandex.Navigator


  • Monthly update of the road map;
  • builds routes on detailed maps of cities in Russia and Ukraine, as well as on the routes between them;
  • voice prompts along the route;
  • manage with voice commands;
  • timely rebuilds the route, based on constantly updated information about traffic jams and traffic events;
  • building a route saved in your favorites (for example: "go home");
  • searches for geographical objects by names, at home - by addresses, and by organizations - by names or occupation;
  • add an intermediate point on the route (for example: "add a shop" Crossroads ");
  • warns of road events (road accidents, repairs, etc.) and video surveillance cameras;
  • remembers the desired addresses in the Favorites so that you can quickly build routes to them;
  • saves the maps in the phone's cache;
  • supports vector maps for Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and cities of Ukraine;
  • knows additional information about buildings and other objects on the map;
  • provides fast and smooth interaction with the card.
  • MTS Ukraine subscribers are provided with free Internet traffic.
Country: Russia, Ukraine Interface language: Russian, English, Ukrainian

Language of voice commands: Russian Ukrainian.

iTunes Android huawei

In Russian
logo Waze


Social Navigator.
The most popular navigator in the world. It's all about sociality.
That is, if you are not satisfied with the map of your place, you can correct it.
That's how it's corrected and created all over the world.

Also users promptly inform where the road repairs, traffic jams ...
That allows you to have the most correct map and the situation on the road.

I remember I went on the map of Yandex, which offered a short route. But I had to go back, because in that place you can drive only in the summer, and in the summer, there a section of the road is not cleaned and you can not pass.

At another place compared the travel time estimated on the maps of Google and Yandex, Google was very wrong, probably did not take into account the state of a large road section.

Waze has a living map from life today.
By the way, it was bought by Google for $1.1 billion.

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In Russian

The property is the best maps on the mobile.
We use the database of open maps of OpenStreetMaps, which are compiled by the whole world, because this is the most updated and the most complete schematic map (pictures From the satellite there).

Maps can be uploaded and used offline. Made simple, clear and easy. Probably the key word is easy, because these maps take an amazingly small place. Lungs do not mean empty, the maps are very detailed. I also used it on foot, in Turkey, in St. Petersburg.

Of course, the program has a navigator, very convenient, you will not have to get used to it. With voice and the necessary information on the screen.

iTunes Android huawei Kindlefire

In Russian
logo Pro-gorod


Navigator with the ability to view maps through mobile and online.

Maps cover Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Detail to home only major cities.

The map shows traffic jams.

iTunes Android

logo MapQuest


Get where you need to go with the MapQuest turn-by-turn GPS Navigation app. Whether it’s using voice navigation for walking or driving directions or exploring points of interests on the map, MapQuest has the tools you need to navigate the United States and Canada.

Map and Navigation Features:

  • Search and explore nearby p
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery and maps
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions
  • Real-time traffic updates to help you find the fastest ways to your destination
  • Live traffic cameras so you can view road conditions before you hit the road
  • Optimized routing to help save you time, gas and money
  • A speedometer so you can compare your current speed to the speed limit along your route
  • Favorites so you can store locations, like your home and work addresses, for quick-and-easy maps and directions
  • Alternate route choices so you have multiple options to get where you need to go
  • Route settings that help you avoid things like highways and toll roads
  • Multipoint routes so you can include more than just one stop
  • Planning: create routes starting from somewhere other than your current location
Do More than Get Directions:
  • Search and explore nearby points of interests like restaurants, bars, gas stations and hotels, with our layers bar
  • Find great hotel deals and book them through MapQuest
  • Feed your inner foodie and discover new places to eat: browse menus, make reservations and order food through OpenTable and GrubHub points of interest
  • Save money by comparing prices of nearby gas stations
  • View local weather so you can plan ahead
  • Car broken down? Directly access on-demand roadside assistance for help
  • Get directions on-the-go with our corresponding Android Watch app

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