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Definition of geographical coordinates. In general, the correct definition of geographic coordinates is called geo-positioning, and geolocation is a non-destructive detection and investigation of subsurface objects of ground media by radar sounding. But as everywhere and everywhere the definition of geographic coordinates is called GEL, So that we can understand this, and we will use this word.

  1. Satellite navigation helped ships and yachts in the sea.
  2. Then the navigation went to the cars to help determine the route.
  3. And finally, she came to the cell phone to ..... and why?
This is where our story begins. If smart technologies know your location, then they know where your friends are now and what's nearby.

You can find out where your friend, child, will agree, meet. You can see where you've been ....

logo Altergeo


Celebrate in interesting places in your city.
Check AlterGeo (check-in) - say where you are right now. Celebrating in cafes, cinemas, parks and other places, you will find out what kind of people are next, your friends were here, and what they think about this place.

For each "mark" you will receive points and medals. The more points you earn, the higher the probability of receiving prizes and bonuses from institutions, played every day in AlterGeo.

Do you like to celebrate in stores? There are all chances to win a medal "Shopaholic". Do you like cultural places? Check them out and get the "Art Critic" medal.

On the site you can see the general map of all project users. On such a map, data on the location of other project participants at the moment will be presented. The map shows different layers, for example, you can only set the display of friends of the user or all the others. Available for selection by sex (for example, the service allows you to see where the cute girls spend an evening) or only those users who are online.


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logo Foursquare

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Foursquare,

address: USA, New York


Geolocation service.
You are marked where you are and you can see where your friends are.
Unlike Google Latitude, here is not an exact geographical point, but places - a cafe, a movie ...
There is a search for "who is near", the nearest places

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logo What 3 Words

What 3 Words

The coordinates of the selected point in 3 words.
How do we determine our coordinates? - On a Google map.
How about an easier one? - On what3words.
Each 3m square is given a unique combination of three words: what3words address.
Now you can find, share and navigate to exact locations using three simple words instead of long coordinate numbers.
Easier to remember.

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logo Glympse


Mobile geo-service.

Glympse allows real-time tracking of the movements of our relatives or friends.

In our time, this service was not needed. Today, more worries, especially for children.
In Russia, according to official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2012, 566 kidnappings were registered, 366 were uncovered.

The annual size of cumulative payments to criminal gangs is estimated in 500 million dollars. By the way, you can track not anyone, but who installed himself the same program and to whom you allowed. In addition, you can always disable the program.

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