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Sounds of nature

logo Defonic

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Soundscaper by Defonic - creating unique soundscapes, combining the sounds of the world into a melody.
Very similar to the above.
We press on expressive pictograms and turn on or turn off the sound of water, trains, beasts, wigwam, fire, thunderstorms ...
Each thumbnail will have volume, combine as we want.


logo NatureSoundsFor

Russian English - Russian



A natural sound player.
You can use this page to listen to the sounds of nature, like background music, when you read, ponder, or just for fun.

Everything is simple

  1. Select the sound for the channel. It can be a bird, the sound of surf, fire, Indian drum ...
  2. We set the volume level of this channel.
  3. Send the sound to the left column or to the right, or in half.
  4. The same is done with all 4 channels.
  5. You can save the link and share it with others.

logo MoodTurn


Sounds of nature and background relaxing music.
Choose a topic and listen.
The site will have a corresponding background picture, which will change periodically.
Music or sounds will not appear right away, a little patience.

logo Sounds

Russian English - Russian

address: Russia


Well done site.
We hear, listen and see if you can stream the video on the whole screen, for example Niagara Falls, and the sound adjusts the very waterfall and gulls.
You can turn off something.

Here are the themes:

  1. Relaxation music
  2. Sleep music
  3. Winter forest
  4. Aquarium
  5. Rain noise
  6. Sea noise
  7. At dawn
  8. Sunset
  9. Desert
  10. Cozy cafe
  11. Bird singing
  12. Sounds of the night
  13. On the shore
  14. Rain and thunder
  15. Space
  16. Sea noise
  17. Sounds of the forest
  18. Sounds of campfire
  19. Ocean
  20. Behind the moon
  21. Cat Murder
  22. Niagara
  23. Dolphin Songs
  24. Waterfall

In Russian
logo Noisli


The sounds of nature.
The site is intuitive.
Sounds are indicated by pictograms - rain, thunder, forest, water, fire ...
We press on what we need and adjust the volume of the sound.
You can include several and separately adjust each sound, so we get an interesting and necessary background.

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Sounds of nature on the map.
Free and without ads.

  • We select a place on the map and get a description of the sounds and the type of terrain: forest, tropics, meadow, desert, pond ...
  • We listen to a video up to 10 minutes or a live broadcast (as lucky).

logo MyNoise


A lot of sounds and noises with fine tuning of ranges.
I was very impressed.

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