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logo Agency Special Orders

Agency Special Orders

A unique service created on the basis of the interactive creative agency

Agents performing your orders are not random people. We very carefully select candidates, give them test orders, constantly monitor the quality of their work.

Some of our services:

  • Help on the issue of interest;
  • a visit to an organization, institution or individual with an assignment to it;
  • meeting transfers at the railway station, airport and delivery to the addressee;
  • receiving the transfer and sending it to the Customer;
  • acquisition and delivery of the necessary goods to the Customer;
  • checking the actual location of legal entities;
  • information about the availability and prices of certain goods;
  • information about sightseeing tours;
  • creating a photo-memo from memorable places;
  • purchase and delivery of medicines, products, consumer goods to the addressee;
  • the establishment of regional offices;
  • monitoring of local media, etc.
The commission must not contradict the current Laws and moral and ethical standards.

In Russian

In Russian
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