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What to watch?

logo Film.Ru studio

Film.Ru studio

The leading Russian specialized Internet publication on cinema has been published since December 1999.

Kinoportal daily processes the news flow of the cinema and provides the reader with materials about the world and domestic cinema: reviews and reviews of novelties of the film distribution, background information on films and personalities of Russian and foreign Cinematography, detailed information on the films of the current repertoire (footage, trailers, schedule kinorelizov), the results of rental fees, interviews with newsmakers of the cinema, news of festivals and prizes, including Exclusive stories and photography from film sets and at international film festivals.

logo Nanocrowd


Find out which movie you should watch.

The site tries to study your taste and your preferences, to compare it with the tastes of others and based on similar tastes, to offer you something else to see what you are likely to enjoy.

The tastes of other people are studied through comments on major world sites and forums devoted to cinema. A total of ~1 million new comments per month are analyzed in order to find out which films are on the rumor and what people think about them.

How it works

You can use the site search field to select by the name of the picture, the actors, director or producer of the film you are interested in.

Or set a search in Nanocrowd - using your preferences, determines whether you should watch a particular movie.

logo Session


Online version of the magazine about domestic cinema.
Many old articles, but if the movie is up-to-date or if I first looked at it, then the article is fresh for me.
This is another site with quality unique content.

logo Just Watch

English - Russian

Just Watch

Streaming search engine.
You can ask for the name of the movie or choose from the most popular ones offered.
As a result we get information where we can watch this movie and for how much, sometimes for free.

logo Rotten Tomatoes


Rotten Tomatoes

Online critics movie and TV show aggregator, which provides fans with a comprehensive guide on what’s new and rotten in theaters and on TV.
Yes, yes, it is rotten. After all, the site itself is called in translation from English - rotten tomatoes.
So there is no ceremony, if anything, will be thrown.

The service is studying reviews of film critics, which may be hundreds.
At the end of the year a rating for the best film of the year is made.

So here are the most reliable recommendations for entertainment quality in the world.

Audience Rating

Audience Rating, denoted by the bucket for popcorn, represents the percentage of users who positively rate a movie or TV show.
For films for which users bought tickets, the audience rating is made up of verified ratings.

logo A Good Movie To Watch

A Good Movie To Watch

Do not know what to see?
This site will help you find the best movies that you have not seen in popular streaming services.
Can offer a random film, when you have a mixed-type company and it's all the same what to inspect.

logo cinema Art

cinema Art

The magazine "The Art of Cinema" is published since January 1931. Today - this is the only monthly analytical art magazine in Russia. Each issue of the "Art of Cinema" includes 25 to 30 publications on current issues of the theory and history of Russian and world cinema, television, analysis of artistic practice of all kinds of art, philosophical works, rare archival materials, reviews of major festivals, memoirs of outstanding cultural figures, Russian And foreign film screening (16 scenarios per year).

Since 1997, there is an online version of the magazine.

logo Can I Stream It?


Can I Stream It?

A free service that allows you to search across the most popular streaming, rental, and purchase services to find where a movie is available. If the movie you're looking for is not available, just sign-up and set a reminder.

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logo Film Comment


Film Comment

A magazine about cinema. Not online, but the online version of the same magazine, as once they wrote good articles.

logo BingeClock



This website tells you how long it will take you to binge-watch your favorite TV shows, both with and without commercials.

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