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Video for kids

logo YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

Video for children with parental control and filtering functions.

How it works

When you first login, you will be offered a child or parent account.
A parent account is essentially an administrator account.
It will not be possible to enter the child's account at once, it should be created and configured by the parent.
The parent specifies the age and the child will receive the material which will be interesting to kids, children of younger classes or teenagers.

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logo Smotri kids

Smotri kids

Video service, in which you will find many favorite cartoons and shows for your children.

Watch hundreds of entertaining and informative cartoons, animation series and shows.

Video material is filtered and regularly updated to protect children from harm or just not interested.
Here are collected the most popular videos and cartoons for young viewers: Masha and Bear, Lego friends and dozens of other animated series, full-length cartoons, shows and reviews from children's bloggers.

For children under 3 years old we have everything that will help kids to learn more actively, learn more about the world around them and develop intelligence, logic and imagination: educational cartoons, fairy tales for children and educational videos.

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