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Ethics of Internet

Code of honor of a Russian officer

Good Tone Rules

First of all, when talking about the Internet, do not reinvent the wheel.
There are already generally accepted norms of ethics and morality that allow people to coexist effectively. Without these norms, people would simply exterminate each other.
For the same reason, we need ethics and for people's relationships through the Internet.

Using Smileys

It's good to know that on the Internet when writing, it's good to use email emoticons, for example
  • :) (a smile is like a smiling little face sideways),
  • : ( (grief is like a sad muzzle sideways).
It's not just for teens who like to insert funny drawings into a letter, but it's a means of expressing intonation. To ensure that the addressee did not take as a gross reproach your joke.

Always reply to emails by e-mail

For some reason, many took the rule not to respond to email.
You do not allow yourself to ignore the real person in the real world. It will be very rude.
It also looks like when a person ignores the email sent to him. The difference - he just does not see the person's face.
As a result, you are called and then you feel uncomfortable trying to get out.

Avoid slang

The written slang looks rougher than what was said.

Do not mention someone's email on forums and other sites

As a matter of fact and my own :). You thus expose a person to the attack of spammers.

9 Rules for people on the Internet

Johnny Webber
  1. Treat people as people. Do not hide behind your anonymity and think that it's okay to treat others badly.
  2. Think before you post. What you post on the Internet does not disappear. Think about what you put there.
  3. Do not share statistics or facts that do not have references to the source. We stop to assert the lie and half-truth.
  4. Do not feed trolls. If you ignore them, they just go away. Where there is no public, there is no theater. Do not descend to their level. This is what they want and what they want.
  5. Check the accuracy of the news.
  6. Do not post anyone's personal information on the Internet for any reason. Some Internet users would like to destroy people's lives, do not give them the means to do this.
  7. Do not give people a nickname. People on the Internet are all the same people with feelings.
  8. Do not copy anyone's content without permission. (Usually a link to the source is sufficient). Check the copyrights before using the material.
  9. Do not spam. The Internet is a great place to discuss and exchange ideas.