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logo Farmer.Ru


Interactive site of a farmer and a gardener, where you can find or find out the required information.

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  2. Tips
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In Russian
logo Ogorod-bez-hlopot


address: Russia


Councils to gardeners and gardeners.

Illustrated, well and clearly written articles.
Let's say the article describes how to heat a greenhouse.
Specified material for the greenhouse, what problems may arise and how to solve them.
And below are articles that may be useful.

Interesting sections

  1. Vegetables, berries, trees, flowers, greens and grass,
  2. Gardener's calendar,
  3. Diseases and pests,
  4. Country kitchen,
  5. Feeding,
  6. Gardening equipment,
  7. Construction,
  8. Farming,
  9. Ideas.

logo Ogorod


The first portal with useful tips for country life.

There will be an interesting view, news, country kitchen, in addition to the expected sections.

logo Agricultural Portal


Agricultural Portal

Agricultural information platform.
Information on the topic of agriculture in an accessible and understandable form.

Subject news, reference information, advice and recommendations of experts.
The gardener's calendar and a map of acreage of Russia, grain prices, bulletin board, forum.

logo Everything about the garden and the cottage


address: Russia

Everything about the garden and the cottage

Information site for gardeners.

The authors are passionate about summer cottage and here all possible creeping information is collected:

  1. garden,
  2. flowers,
  3. recipes
  4. repair,
  5. ...

logo Glav-Dacha


address: Russia


For beginners and experienced gardeners.

Landscape Design

Articles with recommendations and master classes on the independent organization of the landscape design of the site. From the selected material, the reader will learn how to choose the right ornamental plants, create original compositions of perennial and annual flowers. Learn how to make beautiful flowerbeds of various materials with your own hands, lay out paths, create cozy resting places, decorate the site with vertical, multi-tiered beds. The section contains articles on the manufacture of ponds, gazebos, patios, playgrounds.

Garden and Garden

Articles on the cultivation of vegetables, berries, fruits in properly organized beds.
The articles cover the issues of seed selection, soil preparation, timing of planting vegetables on open beds, rules for plant care and harvesting.


Articles on the creation of comfortable living conditions in the country. This is the proper organization of individual water supply, the construction of sewage systems, self-installation of heating systems, laying paving slabs with their own hands, the construction of stationary barbecues, barbecues, outbuildings, greenhouses, greenhouses.

Home Amenities

Articles about the rules for choosing heating systems, economical heating devices, installing boilers, organizing regular hot water in the house.


Visual examples of original handicrafts for the organization of landscape design of the site, arrangement of high beds, installation of irrigation systems, successful cultivation of flowers and vegetables.

Useful tips and secrets for the country and garden.
Site for experienced gardeners and those who are beginning to comprehend the basics of agricultural technology.

Here you can find the most current information about forest and garden trees, ornamental and fruit bushes, habitual and exotic vegetables and fruits, garden perennials and indoor flowers, medicinal herbs and plants for ponds, as well as a host of other useful information.

You do not know how to protect your garden from diseases, or how to destroy pests?
Do your crops need feedings and you cannot choose the best fertilizer?
Trees and shrubs have grown too violently, but you do not know how to properly pruning and molding?
Or maybe you find it difficult to choose the best varieties of flowers suitable for your window sill and garden plots, or do not know which plants to choose for vertical gardening of the garden?
Answers to all these and many other questions can be found on the pages of this site.

logo Cottage 6 acres


address: Russia

Cottage 6 acres

Classic site for summer residents.
One of the leading in its subject.

First of all, articles and recommendations, fertilizer calculator, dacha’s lunar calendar and even a crossword puzzle.

logo 7 dach

7 dach

Club lovers cottages.

What do we expect from the garden site?
Articles on relevant topics. We want advice.

This site offers such articles. But what to do if the articles did not answer all the questions?

Then you can ask a question or partici


logo Botanichka


Community of the plant world for amateurs and professionals.
Houseplants, flowers, garden and vegetable garden, floriculture, medicinal plants.
Tips for giving.
Interesting facts about plants.

logo RusFarmer


Portal for farmers, gardeners and gardeners.

Managing your garden is not a simple matter that requires a competent approach, hard work and patience.

The site has many useful articles and tips:

  1. help for the hostess (canning, recipes, storage of fruits, berries, vegetables);
  2. house and apartment (fleas, pests in the house, cultivation and seedlings);
  3. vegetable garden (legumes, pests, cultivation in greenhouses, root vegetables, leafy and fruit vegetables);
  4. buildings: garden and economic;
  5. beekeeping (inventory and hive, work with bees: purchase, biology);
  6. Vineyard and garden: fruit, flower, berry.

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