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logo Agroru


The trading system, created in 2001 specifically for the trade of goods in agriculture and food industry: agricultural products, machinery and equipment, fertilizers, processed products.

Every day, AGRORU.kom is used by more than 25 thousand users from Russia, the CIS and foreign countries.

Analysts daily monitor and analyze key agricultural markets in the following areas: grain, milk, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, agricultural machinery, and issue weekly market reviews.

A set of tools is offered, with the help of which the search and sale of goods of the agro-industrial complex is greatly simplified.


  1. Receive orders from customers and offer their products directly to participants of the agricultural and food market.
  2. Effectively advertise your products, organization, brands.
  3. Create your own website and online store, which will display your products with descriptions, photos, prices, contacts.
  4. Communicate directly with other members (negotiate prices, supplies, etc.)
  5. Start selling your products should be with the submission of ads. This can be done without registration and completely free.

logo AgroServer


address: Russia


Information support of agriculture and food industry.


Platform for the purchase and sale of goods and services of industry and agriculture.

logo AgroXXI


  1. A news portal for agribusiness professionals in the crop, livestock and agricultural industries;
  2. a community of agribusiness professionals;
  3. agroforum;
  4. the largest online store of agrarian literature and goods for farmers and summer residents;
  5. effective platform for international and Russian producers of agricultural products.

In Russian
logo Agroholding Search

Agroholding Search

The leader among Russian companies specializing in the creation of high-quality seeds.

It sells seeds in bulk in Moscow and other cities of the country for more than 25 years.

Seeds of all cultures undergo a double quality control: when entering the company and before implementation. At the slightest non-compliance, seeds are not allowed to be sold wholesale and retail.

logo Plant greenhouses


address: Russia

Plant greenhouses

Plant ready greenhouses.

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