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House project

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IKEA Apartment Store

Design project for your Khrushchevka.

At one time, Khrushchov decided that he was better off in crush, but not mad. Moreover, many and so live in communal.
And across the country have set up cramped homes with the goal - to quickly provide the population with housing.
Which is partly achieved.

Today, Khrushchevka look outdated and uncomfortable.
IKEA decided to help and created such a project.
Design project IKEA for your apartment.

How it works

  1. We just need to enter the address of our house
  2. IKEA guesses the layout,
  3. You receive an interior proposal tailored to your individual needs and apartment layout.
We know that IKEA furniture is built-in and customizable. You can come with your size and buy what you need for you.

Just IKEA faced with the typical issues of apartments of the same layout and limited space.
The requirements were typical, they differed from the requirements of the owners of other apartments.
IKEA reworked such projects and systematized. Now people can find out what kind of furniture other owners of Khrushchovs are using, maybe they will do.

logo Proekt-sam


Design and planning of houses and cottages.

Information about various construction technologies. You can familiarize yourself with hi tech style cottage projects, which will require quite a large financial investment, or you can turn your attention and see low-cost projects of economy class houses.

Here you can also find the layouts of houses of various sizes.
In a separate section detailed ready-made plans for single-storey and two-storey country cottages.

Paid and free programs for designing houses, as well as other buildings and structures, and give a detailed analysis and analysis of each of them.

Information about the design of the kitchen and the layout of the other rooms in his apartment. Architectural design of multi-storey apartment buildings, as well as other public and industrial buildings and structures.

logo RuPlans


phone.:8 800 505-10-75 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 904 349-96-90
address: Russia


Projects of houses and cottages.

Catalog of finished projects of houses and cottages, country houses.
Make changes to the standard project of the cottage.
Individual architectural and construction design to order.

Development and sale of projects of houses and cottages. Delivery in Russia and the CIS.

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