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Other file sharing services

  1. - - Automatic backup for both ordinary people and special offers for government servers.
  2. - gDisk - A soft key that turns your Gmail account into an online file store.
  3. - - The minimum package includes 5Gb, you can only fumble data between system members.
  4. - - Backup files from your computer. It is possible to open the collective access to the archive.
  5. - - 1Gb is free, however, you can buy as much 1Tb!
  6. - - Automatic online backup with file version management.
  7. - - Automatic backup.
  8. - - Pay once $20 and use unlimited disk space.
  9. - - Backup your site. You can order from 3Gb to 1TB.

And more

  1. - eDisk
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -


  1. - - Without registration, send the file to 100Mb to one recipient, after registration - to 2Gb five at a time.
  2. - - Forwarding files up to 300Mb, the number of downloads is not limited.


  1. - - 1Gb places, fill with files no more than 50M. Plays and scans many files in the browser window, not uploading locally.
  2. - - You can occupy space up to 1.5Gb, the lifetime of the files is 90 days.
  3. - - 20Gb for your files with free traffic for your files in the first month - 50Gb.
logo 4Shared


Free is given 15Gb.

iTunes Android huawei

logo DropSend


Send a large attachment to 2Gb.
Enter the email address of the recipient, your email and select the file to upload.
The recipient receives an email from you with a link to your file.

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