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How to disperse visitors with Shock advertising

Yandex - Changes in the ranking of pages with shocking ads

Yandex said - Yandex did.

Yandex lowered in the issuance of sites with shocking advertising.
But even before that, people did not like such advertising. I can not imagine who she can attract (and the advertisement should attract). People try to avoid such advertising.
For this, various filters are used - from the Yandex settings to the installation of special programs.

All is pretty simple, do you like these sites or run away from them?
If the light wedge did not converge on such sites, I'll just forget the way to the sites with an annoying, all the more shocking advertisement or registration.

And the search engine knows not only how many people visited the site, but what they did there. And if a person does not stay to the site, this is considered a failure. For anyone, shock advertising greatly reduces the rating of the site.

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