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Comments to the site

You want to make your site more social and make the bottom of each article an opportunity to leave comments. To do this, you can simply insert the code from the social network or a special service.

We tried all the presented widgets:

  • VK - on each page your feedback will work, when there are a lot of them and they will not clutter the whole site.
    It turned out that the public with VK writes every garbage as the boys on Fence. But most Russian users are sitting on VK and this will help to promote the site.

  • Facebook - comments are written for the site and they are all on each page. Suitable for site, which, as our does not involve many reviews, simply provides such an opportunity to those who wish.
    Reviews are much more decent incontact.

  • Disqus - this is a special service, and therefore more subtle settings. The comments on each page are different, but there are also links to others, so you can read everything from one page.
    Fine tuning, on our site the comments appear after approval. Thus, spam is filtered out. Somewhere 20% of comments - an attempt to promote their sites.
    However, if the sites are worthwhile and fit the subject of our site, we leave such comments.
Choose what you like and suit you.
English - Russian

Owner:, reliable site.

Uses: VK.

VK for developers

Comments for the site from VK.
In fact, everything is simple, we go, configure, take.

For each page there will be a separate comment, which is convenient if you want the comment to link to each article.
If You have few comments, then you will be more comfortable with the Facebook widget.

Minus - a person can leave a person registered in VK.


Owner: Facebook, reliable site.

Facebook for developers

Comments from the Facebook site.
The advantages are that all comments are together. So they can be seen from any page.

Minus - a comment can be left by a person registered with Facebook.

Unfortunately, the section of the site on the API is constantly changing and it's not always easy to find the right one. Moreover, not all speak English.
So I spread the code: < <//; div id='fb-root'></div>
<script src=''></Script>
<fb: comments href='' num_posts='5' width='560'></fb: comments>

Here is:

  1. - our site, Change to your,
  2. num_posts='5' - the number of posts displayed, we have 5,
  3. width='560' - width of the block, change to Your design.
Facebook has perhaps the greatest opportunity to integrate Facebook functions into your site and vice versa (creating your own applications for Facebook).

Impressively, because in the list


logo Disqus


Discussions on the site.
The advantage here is that a person who is not registered in social networks can leave a comment.
The code is embedded in Blogger, Thumblr, Drupal, WordPress ... or on a website.

Here everything is more serious, there is a control panel for comments, fine tuning.

Suffice it to say that this service is used by newspapers, TV channels, for example. TBN, CNN, Daily Telegraph and IGN.

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