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Russian - English

Owner: Yandex,reliable site.


An informer of time on his website.

Time in different cities

The service helps to keep track of time in four cities at once. By default, this is the city where the user is located, and the three largest exchange capitals - London, New York and Tokyo.
If desired, the user can choose any city and keep the current time in front of his eyes in the most important places for him.
Two designs of dials - day and night (the night proceeds from 10 evenings till 6 mornings). In addition to time, the dials show the weather.

Time difference

To find the difference in time between two cities, you need to enter their names in the search lines.
Cyrillic and Latin are acceptable.
As the name is entered, suitable cities are offered in the drop-down list.
On it you can move the cursor, the choice is confirmed by the Enter key.

Russian - English

Owner: Yandex,reliable site.

Uses: Yandex.Maps.

Yandex.Weather informer

I like design, stylish, visual, nothing superfluous, only convenience, that's why I use it.
Gives out to Russia - 572 cities in the world - 230 countries, 2272 cities.
It's less than on Gismeteo.

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Informer 'My balance' Yandex.Money


If you raise funds for charitable purposes, place on our website our special informer "My Balance". With its help, anyone can see how much money has already been collected, and help your project.

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Indicators of real estate market



The informer of the project IRN.RU allows you to publish on your website the current values ​​of the real estate market indexes, as well as their changes. Information in the informer is updated automatically. Using this tool will allow you to increase the informative value and attractiveness of your resource.

Sale of real estate

2 types of informers:
  • Cheapest apartments and rooms in the secondary market Moscow during the day.
  • The most profitable offers of selling apartments and rooms in the secondary market Moscow during the day, in terms of their purchase and, possibly, further resale.
Each informer contains up to 500 real estate objects (10 objects * 10 districts * 5 classes), grouped by class (1-, 2-, 3-, 4-room apartments and rooms) and by location (All Moscow +9 administrative districts). Informers are updated daily, simultaneously with the database for the sale of apartments and rooms in Moscow.

logo Gismeteo



Owner: Gismeteo,reliable site.


Weather informers.
The most accurate forecast for Russia.
Only for installation it is required to specify the site address and email. Your email will receive a code that will work only on your site.

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