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Yandex.Mail in the future

You may send a message to the future via Yandex.Mail.
You can do this on a simple mail from Yandex and on the mail on your domain.

You can specify the exact date and time when the letter is sent to the addressee.
You can write a letter to yourself, reminding of the appearance on the screen of the movie, the trailer of which you just looked. And you can send a congratulation right now to a friend who was born, let's say, on the seventeenth of December. Or ... However, the number of options is limited only by your imagination.

To assign the date and time of sending, click on the clock on the right side of the SEND button and we are asked to set the time.

In addition, you can specify a notification of receipt of a message and a reminder if the notification is not received within 5 days (unless you specify a different time).
Thus, we can be sure that the addressee received your message, for example, congratulations on his birthday on his birthday.
By the way, you can with a letter and send SMS (over the field WHO) - a reference to the message comes
So people will get the message quickly, and it will remain in the history of e-mail..

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Yandex.Mail in the future
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