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Videochat with a casual interlocutor

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Anonymous video chat.
Russian clone.

tel.: +7(495) 797-41-73

Video conversation

Video chat.
The site is slightly different from the founder. Here we do not just press and get to the casual interlocutor. There are several photos on the screen and we choose which one is the most sane.

The idea is that it's a real and simple filter. Plus the moderation.

Registration is simple - just specify email. And for free.

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Anonymous video chat.
in English. If you have a webcam, we begin to communicate with a casual interlocutor.
For English learners, it is convenient to have a regular chat in parallel. Did not hear, wrote. Suddenly the new site, which became popular on the web, was created by the Russian teenager Andrei Ternovsky for 17 years.

This is reported by the New York Times. A seventeen-year-old schoolboy from Moscow himself developed and launched the original Chatroulette service, which allows any user to chat through a webcam with a random stranger.

In recent weeks, the site has gained a lot of popularity in the English-speaking segment of the Network. This project also attracted the attention of Fred Wilson, a well-known venture capitalist, who said he was going to contact Andrew and invite him to come to New York.

"I'm still not sure that we should invest in this project, but I'm sure that I would like to meet this guy. It reminds me of the young entrepreneurs I worked with earlier, "Wilson said.

logo MapCam


Uses: Google maps.


We call and we communicate with the casual interlocutor somewhere in the world.

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