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Q&A for programmers

logo Habr Q&A

Habr Q&A

Service questions and answers on IT-themed.
Made simply, stylishly, clearly, conveniently.
In addition, only IT-themed determines a certain range of participants.
And since the service itself from Habr, then the public is also relevant.

There is also a rating here, but to me on the drum, because I need more result - to get an intelligible answer when I have a question. And given that there is a large community on Habr, which winds up each other, and bans the rest, then thinking about the rating is Martyshkin's work.

There are no teenagers with blunt jokes, because they just do not understand what it's about.
Here it is interesting only to those who are captured and carried away by IT.
If we have a question about the computer, the site ... then this is a good place.
I asked something, I answered it myself.
I am happy, I will continue to use.

logo IT Техник

IT Техник

Computer secrets for beginners and professionals.

Felk Victor's blog.

Everything about computers and software for beginners and professionals.

Useful Tips

  1. for Windows, Android, iOS;
  2. reviews of applications and online services;
  3. ways to eliminate viruses and other threats.
There is an opportunity to ask a question and get an answer, as well as read the answers to the questions of other site visitors. There is a search, so you can search for an answer, maybe someone has already asked such a question and don’t have to wait, but read the answer right away. All questions are structured into categories, which simplifies use.

logo Skillcrush


If you have a question and it seems that your abilities to search on Google are not enough to at least somehow come close to an answer, you can find the answer to any question with the help of crowdsourcing or by looking at other people's questions to find the answer for yourself.

logo Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

World's leading questions and answers system for programming.

The usual principle is rating through the evaluation of questions And answers.
There are millions of questions and answers in the database, and the database is constantly growing.

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