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Creative Christian Union
Christian ministry.

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Love Against Homosexuality

Movement "Love Against Homosexuality", initiated by Christians.

Today there are many opinions about what homosexuality is. But it has always been obvious to all normal people that homosexuality is a perversion. It's obvious today. If it is not so, then tell me what a perversion is. So, this is a perversion, a problem. And this must be treated, we need help from outside.

We affirm

Unicorn love does not exist!
Gay men and lesbians are not born, they become!
Getting rid of homosexuality is possible!
The homodictatorship will not work!
Forum 'Winning masturbation'

Forum Defeat masturbation - information site and forum about masturbation, namely its harm.
Useful information for people who abuse masturbation.
Alternative view on masturbation. Methods of sexual abstinence and masturbation treatment.
Personal diaries of masturbation throwing. Tips and ways of abstinence from masturbation.

Website of overcoming gomosekusualizma, Lesbian-craving I and other problems associated with the floor.

A website about overcoming homosexuality, lezbi-attraction and other problems related to sex.

If you consider yourself gay - you are my neighbor, and I pray for you. With us you will be able to find understanding and true friendship. If you are a Christian, you are my brother. We are open to everyone.

Our tasks:

  1. disseminate truthful information about the attraction to your gender and other problems related to sex,
  2. make available practical techniques for those who try to get rid of homosexuality and gain integrity,
  3. help the family and friends of homosexuals with advice.

To achieve this, we:

  • we translate materials,
  • publish psychological and sociological studies, materials on ethics and religion,
  • support the discussion in the forum,
  • We develop methods for support groups and bring together those who are interested.
Christian billboard of Moscow
Schedule of Divine Services, seminars and conferences.

Evangelical churches in Moscow and the Moscow region, a schedule of services, seminars, conferences, event reviews, a catalog of organizations.

Sexaholics Anonymous

A site for those who want to give up their self-destructive sexual behavior and thoughts. It is based on the book Anonymous Sexual Husbandry and the experience of members of the Anonymous Sex Lives community. The basis of the program is the Anonymous Sexual Needs program principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. On this site we describe how these principles work for us. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions are the beginning of a new way of life. The longer we are sober and growing in the community, the more we learn about the problem and its solution. We are still learning.

The program The Anonymous Sex Lovers was born in 1979-1981. Now it is a growing international community. The program of 12 Steps was born thanks to the beginning AA members who found victory over alcohol. Now, these principles are ours by the mercy of God. We offer this information in the hope that this will help you recover from sexism.

Address Church on Yandex.Maps -
Address of the church, mission, ... on an interactive map.

First of all, if you do not have a Yandex registration, start it.

So, all in order:

  1. We go to Yandex.Maps in My Maps or directly under the link
  2. Choose a card, house.
  3. Click Create a new map.
    • We write Map name: (For example, I wrote "Service of the Church")
    • and Card description: (I wrote the service schedule).
  4. We take a link to the map in the Link to this map and use it.
    • The top field is for inserting into the message,
    • the lower one for insertion with the code.
  5. That's what I got
    You can put this
    • on the site,
    • add to the signature of your email and it will be in each letter,
    • add to your newsletter.

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