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Single page site builder

Recently, single-page sites have become popular. That is, the whole site can be viewed simply by scrolling down and you are sort of scrolling through the pages.

And as it usually happens, many have rushed to make themselves such sites, when it is appropriate and not appropriate.

When a single-page site is appropriate

This is essentially a presentation. Presentation is a step-by-step introduction to something new. Here we look first the first step, then the second, and so on. Is it always convenient?

When Google, Facebook ... create a new product, they make such a page. That's it such an application is highly appropriate and convenient. This is essentially an advertising-acquaintance.

When a one-page site is NOT appropriate

But every day I do not want to visit such a site, I need classic navigation to get to where I want as quickly as possible, and not go back all the way.

This reminds me of multimedia start pages of sites on the flash. You go in, everything blinks moves, there can be a sound. If successfully implemented, then effectively. But regularly go and view the same intro is boring. Just like annoying advertising.


So we think, do we really need this type of site? This is a new type of site, but not the best type. Simply, we have an additional option of choice. logo Jino.Landing


A platform that does not require any special knowledge to create a single-page sites.
Actually we register and immediately have a website. Our task is to customize and fill with your content: name, contacts, etc.

As a result, we have an light modern website. Suitable for a business card site or presentation of a new product or service.

As a basis, you can take a template of 300 proposed.

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