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Technical task

So, you want to order a site and for this you need to compile a TOR (technical assignment). Do not take this formally and do it first. Because you need to choose a web studio. And while there is no good description of the order (TK), no web studio can tell you the exact cost. Well, and you can not choose the most successful option. Moreover, you still need to describe what you want to have.

A normal web studio expects that the customer understands little about site building and does not expect decent TK. Yes and I have never met two similar TKs. It is a product of creativity, like the site itself.

First of all, let's define why it is needed and what role it plays.
This is the description of the order. In the future you can demand everything that is in TK and can not claim what is not there. For the web master, TK determines the cost of the project.
It is clear that in the process of creating a site, you may want something else, or you remember something else.
It's okay, you can add it all and change it in the process. However, as a rule it adds and changes the cost of the project.

When writing TK, I would call 2 extremes: a cloudy, inconcrete description of the problem.
A very complex description based on its logic.

Do not be afraid, just describe the idea of ​​your site, specify details that are important to you.
If the Web master does not understand something, it will clarify it with you.

Example cooperation procedure

  1. you send the TK for approval,
  2. get suggestive questions,
  3. make updates,
  4. get a contract for reconciliation,
  5. making corrections, if necessary, signing a contract,
  6. Make an advance payment,
  7. provide material for the site,
  8. The process of creating a site begins.
We always count the time of the site creation from the moment of the last submission of material to the site.
So, if you give all the material at once, then you simplify the work of the Web-master, which will affect the price and speed.

Example of the technical task

Or that there in principle can be.
  1. The full official name of the company for display on the website.
  2. The domain name of the website (if any).
  3. The name of the website (if different from the company name).
  4. The language of the website, one or more and which.
  5. The volume and composition of textual information.
  6. The volume and composition of graphic information.
  7. Website design (describe preferences, if any, indicate links to the sites you are interested in designing.)
  8. The number of pages of the website (Example planned).
  9. The structure of the website.
  10. Color preferences.
  11. Logo: available, not needed, you need to create.
  12. Forum.
  13. Guestbook.
  14. Calendar.
  15. The presence of the link "add to favorites."
  16. The link "make the page a starting page."
  17. Newsletter.
  18. Voting.
  19. Search:
    • is not needed;
    • use the free search form from Yandex, Google;
    • create.
  20. Photo gallery (if there are, then the number of pages and sections).
  21. Questionnaires.
  22. Classified Ads.
  23. General description.