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Types of site

Static site

Site-card. A simple and cheap site, information about you on the Internet, another advertisement. Rather, I wrote yesterday that the presence of a website on the Internet is a cheap advertisement. Today, the lack of a site is anti-advertising. How many of you will contact if they do not have mobile and e-mail?

This site is better to order from web studios, whose strength is design.

Web studio Ph4

Dynamic Website

Like the previous one, only you will have the opportunity to update something. First of all, there should be an opportunity to update contact data via the browser.

This site is also better to order from a good web studios.

Web studio Ph4


Or maybe you want to edit everything yourself to the site, then you need a CMS-content management system (content). Better to use ready-made free engines. What you do on web studios will be much lower level. Can do and not worse, but then it will cost $40,000.


If you want to have a site where registered visitors could leave their opinion practically on any of your articles, it is better to use one of the blogosphere or the free WordPress engine, which is very popular today.

Details about blogs


Or maybe you want to conduct a forum. In this case, there are many sites that offer free use of a forum customized for you on their territory, that is, renting a forum. Or use the free forum script.

Details About forum | Free forums | Scripts of forums


This is the site that people lead the world. A registered visitor can add articles, edit someone else's.
Such a site should be very seriously untwisted, moderated (to control that there was no garbage), you should have a serious authoritative team. Very promising direction. Wikipedia began at its own risk and risk, today it is among the 10 most visited sites in the world. Very promising direction.

Details about the wiki

Online Stores

If you want to have an online store. We recommend simply using a free script, which is cheaper and more reliable.

But if you want to do serious business on a long-term basis, then you need to do your own store, for this you should turn to a good web studio, develop a logo, style, design.
In such cases, you should have your own programmer, so it will be cheaper, the more you need to seriously support the project.

Scripts for online stores

Photo album

Or maybe you need a photo album, then you can use photo hosting or a ready script.
It's unlikely that you should study web programming for this or order from web studios.

Photo hosting | Scripts of the photo gallery


Well, and finally, maybe you need a website rather than a website for your purpose?
In this case, you can use the distribution script. But I would recommend using mailing services, they will help you find subscribers.

Details about mailings

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