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logo Encyclopedia of medicinal plants


Encyclopedia of medicinal plants

Detailed catalog and articles about traditional medicine.
The catalog has a rather detailed and detailed description, including

  1. number of Kcal per 100 g,
  2. table - nutritional value, vitamins, micro and macro elements;
  3. amino acids, fatty acids;
  4. use;
  5. possible harm;
  6. for women, for men.
  7. There are videos.
In general, after reading the article we will be as prepared as possible.

Personally, I like this kind of information, there are no emotions here, the conviction of the author, I myself make a decision.

logo Encyclopedia of drugs

Encyclopedia of drugs

Database for specialists and patients describing medicines, food additives, vaccines, homeopathic remedies in the market Russia (search by name, pharmacological group, indications for Application).

logo Lekhar



All information about diseases, symptoms, medications and dietary supplements.

How it works

  1. On the first page of the site a person is drawn
  2. choose a man or a woman
  3. click on the authority, or you can select by list,
  4. choose symptoms
  5. we get the diagnosis and recommendations.
It is important to know that this is all approximate. Accurately can be determined with vivid symptoms.
Understandably, if you are recommended to eat strawberries or not to eat something. Everything is normal here.

But here the real medicine should be taken only on prescription.

logo Vidal


Medical portal containing information not only about drugs, but also about diseases, health, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics and much more.

For registered users there is a section for specialists.

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logo Medlib



Medical online library.
Popular science articles, reference books, encyclopedias.

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