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Pornoaddiction | Statistics Internet porn | Porn Filter

Of course, you can just ignore this part of the Internet and pretend that porn is not. But it is more correct to take an active position. You can act with the initiative, or you can join someone's initiative. The blessing is not indifferent Christians.

Pornoaddiction requires serious treatment.

Harm from pornography

  1. Viruses. Visiting a pornographic site, we open up for an attack of BD, Trojan, or some other pest that first optimizes your antivirus, easily introduces it and sends it, sends it, sends it.
  2. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of rapists were on porn sites, and what they learned was put into practice.
  3. Sexual slavery. Usually disenfranchised people, often emigrants, become the property of the porn industry.
  4. Trafficking of children. With the development of pedophilia, children have become a popular "commodity."
  5. Homosexuality. The Internet has been pornographed and such massive advertising can not be left without a fetus. To predict what we should expect tomorrow, just look at the fruits of such an advertisement of pornography in the west, where the internet was before.
    Pedophilia has become a global problem, and very recently few people knew about it.
    Homosexuality Has been elevated to the rank of policy European Union. If you are not loyal to homosexuality, then you will not be accepted into European Union. And tomorrow probably will not be accepted in European Union, if they are not homosexuals.
  6. Impotence. Obviously, the attraction to women in men who watch porn, falls. Viewing men of pornographic nature can lead to problems with potency, say British researchers.

What should I do?

  1. Recognize that this is a harm and that no one is protected unless nothing is done.
  2. You can participate in someone's initiative, thereby contributing. The more of us, the more chances to be heard.
  3. You can be the initiator of the movement yourself. I recommend only if you have fundamentally new ideas, why reinvent the wheel?
  4. Put to computer a porn filter. Especially if you have children, otherwise they will visit porn sites and as a result - you will get these consequences. Children are curious to know what everything is done. Protect them.
  5. You can participate in the process of healing and release by prayer and by sending to the appropriate site, if you yourself can not serve in this problem.
The main weapon against rampant porn - filters. Put yourself and recommend to friends.