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Coin archive

The website is intended for a oin collectors.

The site accumulates information about the lots held at popular numismatic online auctions.

In the ever-growing database there is a cache of images of lots.
The interested user can see the images of coins and see their passage at the auction. In addition, the user has the opportunity to find the coins of interest to him both in the completed trading and in the open.

Clicking on the open lot, the user goes to the page of this lot at the auction and can make bids to buy the coin he likes.

The list of processed auction houses will grow. Now, in addition to the specialized online auctions, lots for Russian, Russian and Soviet coins of the Hammer auction are also going to be cached.

At the top of the site displays a reminder of the end of the auction, so that the user has time to make bids for the coins you like.

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