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Western Union

Western Union
Transfers between individuals.
In the territory of the Russian Federation, you can transfer Russian rubles, international transfers are made in dollars USA.
Translation, sent by Western Union, can be received in 20 minutes.

On April 8, 1851, immediately after the introduction of the telegraph, a group of businessmen from the state New York created a telegraph company with a long name - New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Co.
At that time, there were many regional telegraph systems on the market, riruyuschih with each other, which negatively affects the quality of services provided. Companions had extensive plans - instead of building new lines, they decided to concentrate their efforts on combining existing ones.

The expansion began in 1854, and in 1856 it was crowned with success - the company completed the unification of separate telegraph lines into a single system. In the same year, the company was renamed the Western Union Telegraph Company. Western Union immediately got into the cycle of the most important historical events.

Transfere QIWI to Western Union

Fast money transfer, both for input and for withdrawal - 200 countries - 245 000 points of service.
Works with Russia, Russian interface.

logo Western Union

Western Union

You do not need to open a bank account or open a card, all you need is to fill out the form, coming up with identification documents, pay the amount specified for the transfer +% (depends on the transfer amount) and specify the details of the recipient.

  1. To transfer funds, you need to know the name of the recipient, the country and the city where the transfer will be received.
  2. To receive a transfer, you need to know the name of the sender, the amount of the transfer.
  3. To speed up the search, it is advisable to check with the sender of the transfer control number.
  4. Transfer fee is charged according to the tariffs of Western Union from the sender of the transfer.
  5. Operations are performed upon presentation of an identity document.
  6. A service for choosing service outlets around the world is available on the website of Western Union.
  7. On-line, on the official website, you can always check the status of your transfer.
  1. The remittance of the transfer of $100 will cost $15, $500 - $40 and so on, with a proportional reduction of the commission.
  2. No transfer fee will be charged to the beneficiary.
In order to receive a money transfer you need to:
  1. Visit the nearest Western Union service point
  2. Fill in the form to receive the money transfer
  3. Present the certifying document. Identity documents are: passport, residence permit, military ticket, temporary document issued in return for a lost passport. If the sender included a security question in the translation, the operator can ask you.
  4. Get the money from the operator and a copy of the form. Payment of international money transfers is usually made in the currency of the country receiving the money transfer. In Russia and other CIS countries, payment of a money transfer from abroad is made only in dollars USA. Money transfers within the territory of Russia are made in rubles. Payment of money transfers is made only in cash.

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