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Sothebys -
Sites elite auctions.

Sotheby's auction house was founded in 1744 by Samuel Baker, and today it is one of the oldest and most famous auction houses in the world.
Together with Christie's, Sotheby's takes about 90% of the world market of antiques auction sales And art objects.

Initially Sotheby's was created as a "club for aristocrats". Moreover, aristocratic origin was required not only from buyers (which is natural, because in those days only aristocrats could afford to buy antiques and art for fabulous money), but also from those wishing to work in the auction house.

Until the middle of the twentieth century Sotheby's lived quite a quiet life, its rapid development began in 1955, when the department was opened in New York. Later, branches also opened in Paris, Los Angeles, Zurich, Toronto, Edinburgh, Johannesburg, Houston, Florence, Melbourne and Munich.

In the times of industrial crisis of the 80s, the auction house almost went bankrupt. In these difficult times, the main competitor, Sotheby's Christie, poured oil on the fire. His leadership in the desire to drive out the competitor lowered his rates, after which Sotheby's revenue fell by more than 50%. In the early nineties, the management of both auction houses decided to go to each other's meeting and agreed on fixing tariffs for services. However, it turned out that fixing rates is considered a crime in USA, where Sotheby's received most of its revenue. Because of this collusion, a scandal broke out, which resulted in the then CEO Sotheby's being sentenced to a year in prison.

Today's affairs in Sotheby's are pretty good. In 2007, one of the world's leading auction houses opened a branch in Moscow, where a number of successful transactions for the sale of Russian art objects were made.

Coin archive
The website is intended for a oin collectors.

The website is intended for a oin collectors.

The site accumulates information about the lots held at popular numismatic online auctions.

In the ever-growing database there is a cache of images of lots.
The interested user can see the images of coins and see their passage at the auction. In addition, the user has the opportunity to find the coins of interest to him both in the completed trading and in the open.

Clicking on the open lot, the user goes to the page of this lot at the auction and can make bids to buy the coin he likes.

The list of processed auction houses will grow. Now, in addition to the specialized online auctions, lots for Russian, Russian and Soviet coins of the Hammer auction are also going to be cached.

At the top of the site displays a reminder of the end of the auction, so that the user has time to make bids for the coins you like.

Moniker -
Auction of domain names and purchase new ones.

Domain name auction and purchase of new ones.

FatFingers -
Find on eBay products with misspellings and, therefore, with a low rate.

The site is called Thick Fingers.
The bottom line is this: quite a few people exhibiting something for sale on eBay, not exactly, with errors give a description of their product.
Here the analogy with thick fingers, which is not convenient to print, here are the errors.

Of course, people do not find such goods and the price does not rise.
This site helps to find such kind of goods and to buy as cheaply as possible.

RU-CENTER guarantees the fulfillment by the Seller and the Buyer of their obligations to transfer and pay the domain name.
Online Auction.

Online Auction.

The most visited auction in Runet according to the version of Yandex. Well, where more people, it is easier to buy or sell.


  1. Antiques and art.
  2. Vintage.
  3. Books, magazines, newspapers.
  4. Collection.
  5. Records.
  6. Legacy computers.
  7. Hours.
Russian domain auctions.

Exchange sites and domains
Another decent exchange. It is better to expose your domain at once in 2 places.
You can also set a fixed price or put up an auction.

The best site on the eBay auction for the Russian.

The best site about eBay auction in Russian.
On eBay itself you will not know much.
And if you are a new person, and even from Russia?
This site will tell you everything you need: how to buy, how to receive, pay, choose what is better to buy ....

In short, first here, and only then on eBay. -
Automatically place eBay bids.

Automatically place eBay bids.

Christies -
Sites elite auctions.

Christie's auction house is one of the most famous and respected organizers of auctions in the world.
Only Sotheby's can compare with it, and together they occupy about 90% of the world market of auction sales of antiques and art objects.

The elite auction house began its history in the distant 1766, when James Christie organized the first auction.
And from the very beginning of the existence of Christie was focused specifically on elitism and world leadership.
The clients of the auction house were titled persons who were willing to pay huge sums of money for art and antiques.
Even the royal family sent their collections here, and even the values ​​of the British national heritage, as well as the canvases of most of the great European artists: Impressionists, Modernists, Cubists, were often exhibited as lots.

The most successful times for Christie were XVIII And XIX century.
It was then that the largest world transactions that are spoken about today were committed.
For example, Catherine the Great purchased Sir Robert Worpole's collection at the auction, which later became the basis for the Hermitage exposition.

As in past centuries, today Christie's auction house works only with elite goods.
Paintings and other art objects exhibited at the auction, decorate the exposition of many museums around the world.
Since the auction house has an impeccable reputation, the most eminent clients address its services without fear.
In addition to art, they buy cars, rare books, cigars, collection wines and other valuables here.

Speaking of Christie, you can not fail to mention the most high-profile transactions made at his auctions.

  • 1940, Matisse's painting "Persian dress" sold for $17 million, initial cost less than $12 million.
  • 1990, Vincent van Gogh's picture "Portrait of Dr. Gachet" sold for $80 million (The most expensive card at auctions).
  • In 2001, Pablo Picasso's painting from the series of the "blue period" - "Woman with the Crossed Hands" sold for $55 million, twice the starting price.
Swapz (UK Specific) -
UK's biggest, most established and original marketplace where you can swap.

UK's biggest, most established and original marketplace where you can swap, trade, sell and deal with like-minded people both locally and nationwide.

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