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Wikipedia: Judaism -
To study the Bible is always interesting to learn the meaning of the terms or concepts in the Jewish tradition.

Wikipedia Portal: Judaism.
This is essentially a Wikipedia unit.
Here you can find out what Abraham's womb is or Menorah or Mesura.
It is always interesting for Bible students to learn the meaning of terms or concepts in the Jewish tradition.

Ben Gurion Airport -
The official site of the airport - there is no Russian version.

The official site of the airport - there is no Russian version.

International Airport. David Ben-Gurion is the main Israeli airport.
International IATA code: TLV; ICAO code: LLBG.
It was built in 1936 by the British authorities.
It is located 14 km southeast of Tel Aviv, near the city of Lod.

Ben Gurion Airport has two main terminals:

  1. Terminal 3 for international flights.
  2. Terminal 1 for domestic and international (mostly low-cost) flights.
When purchasing tickets, check from which terminal your flight will depart. Well, remember about Saturday. If nobody meets you, public transport will not work.

Helpdesk Israeli telephone company Bezek (in Hebrew)

Nazareth Village -
Nazareth Village.

At the time of Jesus, Nazareth was a small one of himself not representing a village. Josephus describing these places, more than once mentioned the city of Sepphoris (the largest city of those places) and a number of nearby villages, but never mentioned Nazareth. No wonder that they said "from Nazareth, can there be anything good?" (John 1:46).
It's like our Katzapurovka. The project was initiated by Protestant communities. A small place, an educational center.
The village is 2 km from Nazareth. This is a museum that imitates the life of Jesus. The whole exterior and interior reflects the life of the 1st century - architecture, wineries, olive presses, stone arches and lamps, as well as the clothing of the inhabitants of the village and their food. This unique museum will leave an unforgettable impression.

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Temple of Ezekiel
Only it is necessary to understand that this is a prophecy with a spiritual meaning and it is not worthwhile to turn ATTENTION for year 2012 AD

Only it is necessary to understand that this is a prophecy with a spiritual meaning and it is not worthwhile to turn ATTENTION for year 2012 AD
On this site you can read, see the temple figuratively. You can also download a template of the temple for viewing in 3D in Google SketchUp.

Judaism and Jews -
Help in the study of Torah.

The goal is to bring the light of the Torah to the Jews, to give readers the opportunity to study the Torah, even at work at lunchtime, on the road or on vacation.
The site is created and maintained by the Toldot Yeshurun ​​organization.
The editors are professionals in their field.

The site is updated at the beginning of each hour.
Audio and video tutorials on Judaism listen and watch tens of thousands of Russian-speaking Jews around the world.
Daily live TV allows users to ask questions to the lecturer online,
“Ask” section - consult with a rabbi,
and Family — with a religious family counselor — on any subject.

The library will help to find the necessary book on Judaism in Russian.
There is an illustrated Jewish encyclopedia.
The online store offers hundreds of books of Judaism in Russian and Hebrew, audio and video CDs with music, films and lessons, attributes of Judaism from bales to tefillin, souvenirs from Jerusalem’s shops.
On the site you can even find a mate for building a Jewish family.

EL AL Israel Arlines -
The cheapest is to buy a ticket at this airline.

Israeli airlines.
The cheapest is to buy a ticket at this airline. You can choose the cheapest class, which will be much cheaper. Its main difference is that in most cases you will not be able to take the ticket. But you thought very well and have already made a decision that will not be changed at the last moment.plane EL-AL

The ticket can be paid through the plastic card Visa Classic or MasterCardClassic (Electron will not work - it can only be used with your physical presence). You must have active notifications via SMS, that is, the card must be tied to the mobile.

The site is in Russian, but something will also be in English (phone support in Moscow is also in English). After the purchase comes Email, the very beginning can be printed and shown at the airport before departure, where you will be given a ticket. Then you will receive a couple of emails - one e-mail duplicates, one will be closer to the departure, where in English it is recommended before visiting the airport to visit the site and find out if there is a delay in the flight.

You can call the Moscow office, but you will most likely be responded to English.

Electronic Jewish encyclopedia

Created on the basis of the Short Jewish Encyclopedia, published in Jerusalem in 1976-2005. Society for the Study of Jewish Communities in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The site is owned by World ORT; Sponsors: the Avi Hai Foundation and the European Rothschild Foundation (Ha-Nadiv).

Very simple and conveniently constructed, using original Hebrew terms. Recently, the site interface has been updated to look good on modern devices.
The site has been completely redesigned, corrected, supplemented, redesigned navigation.

Flexible representation of the texts of the encyclopedia, facilitates integration with external mechanisms of the information space, including the logical markup of content for processing by search engines, and also increases the availability of materials for users of social networks.

The editors continue to work on the refinement and active testing of our site.

Israel Railways -
The site has all the necessary information, except the opportunity to buy a ticket.

The site has all the necessary information, except for the opportunity to buy a ticket.

Map of the Israeli Railways
Map of the Israeli Railways

Scheme of the Israeli Railways

Scheme of 2-level wagon
Scheme of a 2-level wagon

Torah video -
Videos from Israel today.

Video from Israel today.
It is interesting to those who study the roots of Christianity.

Mahanaim -
Jewish cultural and religious center.
Center for Jewish Education in Russian.

Jewish cultural and religious center.
Center for Jewish Education in Russian.

Materials: articles, books, audio and video materials on Judaism and Jewish culture.

Education: courses, lectures, seminars, Shiuri, excursions, online lessons.

Projects: Ulpan of Jewish heritage, training courses for the giyur, community centers, book publishing.

About Mahanaim: the history of creation, activity today, social networks.

Christian News about Israel.

The leading news site from Israel in Russian.
The site is simple and well-structured, it's easy to choose subjects, an archive is available. You can just read the news line.

9 TV
Israel TV Channel. The Israeli news agency.

Israeli TV channel. Israeli news agency.
Official website of the TV channel in Russian.

The Dead Sea Scrolls by Google -
About 5000 photographs of manuscripts of high-resolution Qumran scrolls.

About 5000 photographs of manuscripts of high-resolution Qumran scrolls and comments.

Sar-El Tours -

Christian tours to the Holy Land.
One of the leading travel agencies in Israel, collaborates with Christian communities around the world. Making up the program of the tour, takes into account individual wishes and requests of each group.

To tell the truth, it seemed to us that the guide knows everything: the history of Israel, the political situation inside Israel and its neighbors, the Bible, Hebrew, Russian, English (probably Aramaic and something Yet), the culture of the Jews, Christian and Russian, explain everything from the migration of birds, the depth of the lakes, the height of the mountains, the annual precipitation, the temperature, who where, when ... believe me, learn a lot of interesting things.
The guide accompanies the group from the airport, Will help you stay and learn how to shop.


  • Israel is a country where the Bible, faith and history form a single whole, and prophecy and promise continue to be fulfilled.
  • Sarel employees want to be not just a travel agency, but to build a bridge between the Holy Land and Christian communities.
Discover Israel, get acquainted with its people and expand your horizons!

A wide range of local contacts will allow you to organize interesting meetings for the group with local politicians, representatives of Christian communities; Listen to the lectures of professionals in any area of ​​interest to you: in agriculture, the media, etc.

Tour "All Peoples"

Day 1 - Arrival in Israel, transfer to the hotel in Natanya.
Day 2 - Caesarea; Bahai Gardens (Haifa); Druze village; Acre;
Day 3 - Pkiyin; Zefat; Circassians; Tiberias; Capernaum; A walk along the Sea of ​​Galilee.
Day 4 - Mount Ben-Tal; Tell Dan; Banias; Mount of Beatitudes
Day 5 - Masada; Qumran; Bathing in the Dead Sea; "Eretz Bereishit" ("Beduin's Life").
Day 6 - Mount of Olives; Mount Zion; Temple Mount; Jewish Quarter of the Old City; The Western Wall; The Armenian quarter of the Old City.
Day 7 - Monasteries and churches, including the Old City, the Way of the Cross and Ein Karem; Yad Vashem.
Day 8 - Promenade in Armon HaNaziv; View of Bethlehem; Museum of Israel with a model city of the times of the Second Temple; Architecture of Jerusalem.

Pilgrim tour

Day 1. - Arrival, tour of Jaffa, Caesarea. Transfer to the hotel in Netanya.
Day 2. - Haifa, Muhraha (Mount Carmel), Mount Megiddo, Mount Tavor (Transfiguration), Nazareth, Kana. Hotel in Tver.
Day 3. - Walk through the Sea of ​​Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, Tabha, Capernaum, baptism in the Jordan. Hotel in Tver.
Day 4. - Jordan Valley, Beit Shean, the source of Gideon, view of Jericho, Dead Sea - bathing. Hotel in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea).
Day 5. - Ein Gedi, Masada, moving to Jerusalem.
Day 6. - Old City of Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Yad Vashem, modern city. Hotel in Jerusalem.
Day 7. - Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Bethesda, Lion Gate, Via Dolorosa, empty Tomb, communion. Hotel in Jerusalem.
Day 8. - Ability to travel to Eilat.

Youth tour

Day 1 - Arrival in Israel, transfer to the hotel in Natanya.
Day 2 - Caesarea, Carmel, Megiddo, excavations of the village of the 1st century AD. Under Nazareth, the kibbutz "Manara" - attractions on the mountain. Hotel in Tiberias.
Day 3 - Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabha.

Interesting about Judaism, Jews and the Torah.

Imrei Noam is the organization for spreading the light of the Torah.

Interesting site about Judaism, Jews and Torah, dedicated to the topics: Jewish tradition, Jewish holidays, Jewish law (halacha), Jewish worldview, Torah and science, rabbi questions and much more.

Israel Meteorological Service -
Meteorological Service of Israel.

Meteorological Service of Israel. The weather in Israel on the map and quite detailed, you can see the usual temperature, and you can wind with force and direction, rain, pictures from space.

Israel Ministry of Tourism -
Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Ministry of Tourism of Israel.
The main goal of the Ministry of Tourism is to attract foreign guests to the country. To this end, the Ministry established the State Tourism Company, which deals with marketing, professional training of personnel, control of hotels, advertising, etc.

The ministry's second most important task is the development of domestic tourism, i.e. Encouraging Israelis to rest within the country.

Beit Midrash
House of Exercise.

The site is arranged according to the “beit midrash” type.
This model is designed to help those who wish to study the Torah and Jewish wisdom, and students are distinguished by the desire to replenish their knowledge and find them worthy use.
People in this category are not concerned about their own reputation or the majority opinion; their goal is to get close to the Most High by fulfilling His commandments.

A “beit midrash” visit should not be viewed as a place where one person exposes the spiritual inconsistency of another and claims the exclusiveness of his own opinion.
The essence of communication and learning is strengthening in righteousness, correction of one’s character and, thus, participation in the correction of the whole World (Tikun Olyam).

Noahits (bnei-Noah) are welcome; heres (proselytes) who accepted official or unofficial giyur, or are on their way to it; natives of Christianity or other religions and cults; Karaites; the Judaizers, as well as all the God-fearing, indifferent to the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to the Torah and the Judean way of life.

Israel Museum -
The main exhibits are scrolls of the dead sea.

The main exhibits are scrolls of the dead sea. As can be seen in the photo below, the design of the building of the museum itself is made in the form of a clay vessel cover in which the scrolls were kept.

With the assistance of Google, 5 online scrolls, including the most extant - the prophet Isaiah, became available. Very conveniently done, in the form of a scroll, which you can scroll, zoom in and see on the scale in which place of the scroll you are. We'll move the mouse over the scroll, the verse will be highlighted, and in the clue there is a place in the Bible, with a click on the translation into English.

Thanks to the skillful work of photographer Ardon Bar-Hama, even the smallest details are visible on them. The resolution of the photos is 1200 megapixels, which is 200 times higher than the quality of a normal picture.
With this resolution, you will see how thin the animal skin on which it is written is just one tenth of a millimeter.

This is a digital scroll.

Israeli Museum
Museum building
Israeli Museum
The territory of the museum

Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls

Temple Institute -
Institute of the Temple.

The Institute of the Temple ('Mahon ha-Mykdash' מןון המשדש.)
This institute is engaged in studying the description of the temple and prepares everything necessary for the construction of the third temple.
When the victorious emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was in Rome during the 9th Av, he was very surprised by the sight of the grieving Jews. With natural curiosity, he sent an adjutant to find out what they were crying about.

- They mourn the destruction of the Temple, Your Majesty.
- Who destroyed it and when?
- Emperor of Rome Vespasian, 1800 years ago, - puffed out the puffed adjutant.
- If people can remember their past, such people have a future. If the people are able to remember their Temple and cry for it for two thousand years, it will be able to build it, "the emperor said for the chronograph following him. Today the state of Israel is restored, which was unthinkable in the days of Napoleon. The temple will be built tomorrow.

ISRAland portal -
Searching for people in Israel

Book of memory of the Jewish soldiers who fell in the battles against Nazism -
Electronic MEMORY BOOK of Jews participating in the Patriotic War of the Killed or Saved WITHOUT LISTS

Virtual tour of the Wailing Wall -
Virtual tour of the crying wall.

Virtual tour of the wall of crying.
In fact, the map and video.
You can immediately send a note to the wall of crying.

City of David -
Virtual travel around Israel.

The City of David.
The history of the City of David began more than 3,000 years ago when King David left the city of Hebron in order to move to a small town on the top of the hill, now known as Jerusalem, and turn it into the united capital of all the tribes of Israel. After years, the son of David, Solomon, built near the City of David The first temple on the top of Mount Moria - in the place where Abraham at his time was going to sacrifice his Isaac son to the Lord. So the summit of the hill became one of the most important places in the world.

The history of the City of David continues today. In the thickness of the land of the City of David, some of the most exciting finds of the ancient world are revealed. On the surface of the same city is full of life - the Tourist Center invites numerous visitors to an unforgettable tour of the places where many of the biblical legends were written.

The tour of the City of David begins with a spectacular panorama that returns the visitor to 3.800 years ago, at the time of the forefather Abraham, when the foundations of the city were laid. Soon after, the path leads to the ground, where the most recent archaeological excavations are conducted. Here, with the knowledge of the recently excavated fortresses and passages, the siege and capture by David of the ancient city of the Jebusites come to life in the imagination of visitors, as described in the Bible, in the 2nd Book of Samuel (2 Kings). The underground excursion ends at the Gihon Key, which was the most important water source of Jerusalem for more than a thousand years - here, according to the description in the Book of Kings, Solomon was anointed for the kingdom. Visitors from among more adventurous people can arm themselves with lanterns and travel along the source through a tunnel dug 2,700 years ago under King Hezekiah (Hezekiah) - one of the wonders of the engineering art of antiquity.

On a tour of the City of David, the visitor meets face to face with Biblical characters and places. Thus, it becomes the only place on the planet where the only required guidebook is the Bible itself.

Jerusalem Temple (Wikipedia)


Russian apocryphal studio
Here you can read information on the scrolls.


Jewish Encyclopedia
The Jewish Encyclopedia in Russia

The Jewish Encyclopedia in Russia on the web.

Based on The Shorter Jewish Encyclopedia published in Jerusalem in the years 1976-2005 in cooperation with The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

History of the Jewish people, the Jews of Russia, the Jews in world civilization, Jewish literature and journalism, Zionism, the Land of Israel, the Talmud, Judaism, ...

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