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The Chronology of Israel

Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Sunday, (24 September 2023)
The Chronology of Israel in more details

1800 BCThe time of the patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
1200 BCExit from Egypt.
1000 BCThe reign of King David, Solomon, the construction of the 1st Temple .
900 BCThe split of Israel into the north is Israel or Ephraim, and the southern one is Judaea.
700 BCThe destruction of Samaria and the expulsion of the people of northern Israel. Assyria takes the Jews of the north to Assyria, they assimilate and the 10 tribes of Israel disappear.
586 BCNebuchadnezzar destroys Jerusalem and the temple, leading the Jew of Judea into slavery in Babylon.
516 BCEzra and Nehemiah restore the temple. 2nd Temple.
142 BCThe rise and fall of the Hasmonean state
70Roman period. The destruction of the temple.
132-135Uprising Bar Kokhba.
324Byzantine period. The Roman Empire adopted Christianity.
614The Persians are destroying Christian places.
640Early Muslim period. Muslims do not destroy anything (everything that can already be destroyed), they are tolerant to Christians. Holi Oman prays with the head of the church opposite the tomb of the Lord.
1291Late Muslim period.
1917United Kingdom beats Jerusalem from the Turkish army and receives a mandate to manage Palestine.
1948The founding of the State of Israel.

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