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All maps in 1

Many Maps

Started with 5 maps in one place, now:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yandex.Maps
  3. OpenStreetMap
  4. 2GIS
  5. Bing Maps
  6. Yahoo Maps
  7. Kosmosnimki
  8. Wikimapia
  9. ProGorod
  10. Visicom
The fact is that there is no uniquely better map.
On one map, one city is more successful and more detailed, another city is more successful than another city.
The convenience is that you Do not need to skip the windows.
We choose the right place and just click on the other maps and see how it looks there. It is not necessary to look for this place on each map again, they are synchronized.
You can select 'Dual view' - 2 maps on one page. You can work with 2 maps at once.

In addition to map communication, you can also select a place on the map by default and mark a point on the map. This point will be on all maps at once.

Saves time much.

Many Maps
logo BestMaps


View, compare, search on the map, favorite places and markers.

The service allows you to view and compare multiple sources of satellite and map data.

Satellite imagery:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yandex.Maps
  3. Bing Maps
  4. ESRI
  5. Cosmosnimki

Map Plans:

  1. Yandex.Maps
  2. Google Maps
  3. 2GIS
  4. Wikimapia
  5. OpenStreetMap
  6. OpenTopo
  7. Cadastre


logo Retromap


Old maps.
The site is just superious.

Every possible old map is collected.
You can find maps by cities, or you can press Select a map and get the explorer as in a computer with folders and subfolders.
Choose the required from and get:

You can visually select a map. The base is incredible.

When we select a map, we get to an interactive map, like Google or Yandex.
However, why like Google or Yandex? - There are both Google and Yandex.
Also there is a map of Bing, Wiki and OpenStreetMaps and a photo from the Google Maps satellite.
That is, you can look at the old map, and then jump over to Yandex and immediately see how the map looks today.
And you can make 2 Windows and look in parallel.
You can choose maps by years.

Just keep in mind, here old maps are tied to modern interactive map services, but they do not cover the whole earth. Each map on its own area.
Some maps cover more space, and some less.
Some have a higher resolution, some lower.
We will be lenient and will treat with understanding.

logo OpenStreetMap


The Russian part of OpenStreetMap.
The site is somewhat similar to the original one, but here you can choose the maps - Bing Snapshots, Cosmosnimki, Bicycle Map and a number of more.

This is convenient because the original OpenStreetMap does not

logo Map Channels

Map Channels

All maps are in one place.

The page is divided into 4 synchronized windows:

  1. Google Map,
  2. Street view (Google Maps panoramas),
  3. Bing Bird's eye (bird's eye view)
  4. Brief information about the place you are looking at, name, coordinates ...

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