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Earthquakes on the world map in real time.

Earthquakes on the world map in real time.

Map of the world on the level of vzyatnichestva -
Maps of hazards, disasters.

World map on the level of bribery.
The map is not interactive, the level of bribery is distributed according to the color scale. Click on the countries and look at the more detailed result.
You can look at the sectors: energy, agricultural sector

Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS
Nuclear safety.

The Institute for Nuclear Power Development of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The official site of Rosatom.
The map shows the readings of sensors in the area of ​​Russia's nuclear power plants.
They say that the data is output to the site automatically, without the participation of people. And so we see the real situation.

Elements Maps.

Fires map.
The SFMS system is an information service of operational monitoring of natural fires, developed by the Russian company ScanEx RDC.

The goal is to provide access to the result for everyone.
The project is focused on the unprepared user and on experts. As a basic component of the service, a technology based on the algorithm for automatic detection of fires on the "thermal" channels of satellite imagery MODIS is used (for more details, see the detection of fires according to MODIS data).
The monitoring area includes the entire territory of Russia, The territory of neighboring countries falling into the zone of visibility of the SCANEX network of receiving stations.

The main tasks of this service are the speed of reporting information on fires and its wide availability.
To this end, all data is laid out on the geoportal, which provides a convenient view of these data and related thematic information. Additional information includes: weather forecast, peatlands borders, borders of burnt out areas, borders of reserves and national parks.
Please contact us with suggestions, comments and wishes - we are open to negotiations and partnerships for the development of remote fire monitoring projects And early detection.
The strategic objective of our project is to further improve the detail and reliability of operational data and to create public monitoring tools, conducted by a wide range of users, based on satellite imagery and other sources of observations.

Global Incident Map -
Maps of hazards, disasters.

A global map of incidents and disasters.
On the map you can see what disasters are happening at the moment and where.
You can see everything at once or thematically, for example:

  1. Forest fires,
  2. Presidential Threat,
  3. Terrorism,
  4. Earthquakes,
  5. Accidents,
  6. Trafficking,
  7. Drug trafficking,
  8. ...
Click on the topic and see only incidents of this kind, below is the list With the date and time.

International SOS -
A website with up-to-date information about dangerous regions: an epidemic, civil war and …

A website with up-to-date information about dangerous regions: an epidemic, civil war and …

Elements Maps.

Earthquake map in real time.
The service is maintained by the US Geological Survey.

There is a time-based filtering.

Iris -
Elements Maps.

Seismic monitoring.
Seismic state of the earth in real time.
The more activity, the more red the color and the bigger the ring.

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