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Form Yandex.Money

Informer 'My balance' Yandex.Money

If you raise funds for charitable purposes, place on our website our special informer "My Balance". With its help, anyone can see how much money has already been collected, and help your project.

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logo Button for receiving the Yandex.Money payment

Button for receiving the Yandex.Money payment

Do you want to accept Yandex.Money from other users, and you need a compact button for a website or blog?
Create it using our constructor.

Select the type and design of the button, and you will get the code that will only be inserted on your site.

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logo Invoicing, Yandex.Money

Invoicing, Yandex.Money

We fill in a simple form (the purpose of the transfer, the amount, the payer's email), you can add a comment, send it.

The payer receives an email with the necessary information in the appropriate form.

The commission is taken from the payee:

0,5% - when transferring from the account in Yandex.Money;
2% - when transferring from Visa or MasterCard.

For more confidence in you And great opportunities, improve your status

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Form reception Yandex.Money payments

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