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Pregnancy and maternity

  1. - MoiRody - All about childbirth and the hospital, stories about childbirth.
  2. - CafeMom - Mommy.
  3. - All about pregnancy from A to Z
  4. - Sibmama - Family portal.

For women

  1. - Eka mom - Social network about pregnancy and childbirth (Yekaterinburg)
logo 9 months

reliable site

address: Russia

9 months

All about pregnancy and childbirth.

Magazine "9 months" has been published since 2000. Dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth, and also covers issues of preparation for pregnancy, the postpartum period, health, nutrition and care for the baby of the first year of life.

Of course, first of all, the 9 Months magazine is addressed to pregnant women, but future dads will be interested to learn about the processes that occur in the female body during the childbearing period and, based on this knowledge, it is better to understand your soulmate. Even parents of young mothers and fathers read our articles, which allows them to understand modern approaches to the care, nutrition and development of a baby and give competent and timely advice.

The authors of the journal are leading experts in their fields. These are obstetricians, gynecologists, neonatologists, pediatricians and doctors of other specialties, as well as psychologists, teachers and lawyers. The reader is offered an analysis of a variety of situations relating to medical, psychological, legal issues that future parents or a family may face with a baby.

The availability of the presentation allows the reader to easily perceive the information he needs.
A systematic presentation of the material allows you to realize any problem deeply and objectively, to look at it from various points of view and from the most modern positions.

Here in the free access you will find many articles that were previously published in the printed version of the publication.
On the site, you can ask a specialist, read reviews about maternity hospitals, take part in various competitions and just chat on the forum with the same future mothers, share your joys or problems, and maybe find new friends.

logo MyZachatie


Site about conception and treatment of infertility.

There are tests, experts, news, pregnancy planning.

The site is most in demand in its subject.

logo TikiToki


Site for moms:

  1. children's planning,
  2. pregnancy
  3. childbirth,
  4. newborns,
  5. material for children (coloring, fables, counting ...).

logo Bebiblog


Diary of a young mother.
A convenient way to communicate future and real moms. You can start a diary, find friends for communication, discuss topics of interest to you in the thematic communities, get the information you are interested in in the young mother's library and many other things.

Popular Communities:

  • Food, vitamins for Pregnant women.
  • Lifestyle, harmful factors.
  • Newborn health.
  • Conception.
  • Family problems.
  • Choosing a maternity home.
  • Education, psychology - from one to three years.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Selection of goods.
  • Feeding the newborn.
  • Legal issues.
  • Buy/sell.
  • Childhood illnesses from one year to three.
  • Kindergartens, communication with peers.
  • Meals from one year to three.
  • Fitness and diet.
  • I'll give it away.
  • Photo Contest!
  • Shopping and fashion.
  • Active rest.
  • Development and training of children from three to six years.
  • Housekeeping.
  • New Year, birthdays - holidays and gifts.
Here you can enter the names, age and sex of your children, the gestational age.
What's great, if you specify the age of the children/pregnancy, the page of your blog will show links to useful for this age children, or gestation Articles and stories.

In Russian
logo BabyCentre


There is a wide variety of parent forums - Netmums, Mumsnet - but this one remains the best source of informed, reliable advice about everything - from colic to taxes.

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logo Vdecret


Medical portal for women about pregnancy.
In fact, I was surprised by the popularity of this site.
Not too big base and very little text, but a lot of pictures. Maybe this is the reason?

logo Love-Mother


Pregnancy and childbirth, parents and children.

Articles, questions and answers, video, interactive, forum.

That is, this women's site is not only about childbirth, it is wider.
For example, there are categories: fashion, cooking, health and relaxation, he and she (romantic section) ...

I would call the site a women's online magazine.

logo Detstrana


Social network for future and successful parents.

The platform, created taking into account the interests and needs of moms, dads and those who are planning a family. Implementing the project in life, we thought about what could unite us all. Of course, this is love.

In Detstrana you can get useful knowledge or share a unique experience with other travelers.

Blogs, news, informative services will make your stay on the pages of the site enjoyable and useful.

logo Top Gynecolog

Top Gynecolog

In this case, the name of the site means that the woman herself is the chief gynecologist.
It seems like "the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves." :)

In short, this is an informational site on gynecology.


Everything here is created only for women (for registered men there is no registration).
This is a portal for those who are just preparing to become a mother, and for those who already have this honorary title.

In the menu of this Cafe Mom:

  • Photo Album and Video Gallery, you can exchange ratings and comments.
  • Diaries - we record all the most important things that happen in the life of children: achievements and passions, significant events and ordinary days. They are not lost when moving, they are not eaten by a dog, you can open or close access to them for guests.
  • Encyclopedia - a library for moms, filled with useful articles. Each article can be evaluated, commented out and added to bookmarks to be re-read at leisure.
  • Blogs - you can not only run your own blog, but also read the records of other modern moms, as well as view photos and videos.
  • Question-Answer - mothers themselves exchange experience here, asking questions and answering them.
  • Consultations - specialists in their areas answer here to the questions of moms and give them professional advice.

logo Ovulyaciyatut


Tips and solving problems with ovulation.

The site will offer.

  1. Calculate Ovulation date online!
  2. Calculate the date of delivery online!
  3. Forecasting the sex of the child and the personal ovulation calendar by months.
  4. Personal weekly

logo Gynecola


Gynecological portal.

This group will promote the female half in some topics related to women's health.

Here you can ask a question to the gynecologist or read already answered questions.

Take the test of 10 questions "Do you need a gynecologist's consultation?"

logo BezBoleznej


Medical portal.

The site will help to learn more about the causes, symptoms, methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of many diseases.

The goal is not to self-medicate, but take care of your own health and not dismiss the problems that have arisen or postpone their decision “for later”.

Early treatment is a guarantee of success and full recovery, even with the most severe ailments.

From useful introductory articles you can learn a lot of information about children's, men's and women's health, about how the physical condition of all organs affects the appearance, performance, intellectual talents of a person and his psychological mood.

Information materials will help you find answers to many questions from different areas of medicine, as well as tell you about the need and nature of various surveys and analyzes.

logo Mama


Community of parents.
The site belongs to Rambler.

All for moms - preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, newborn, up to 3 years ...
There is a forum, community. The site is executed gracefully, functionally. Be sure to visit, you will like.

logo Flovit


Easy site about pregnancy from ovulation to childbirth.

Articles are clever, well structured and beautifully decorated graphically.

Everything becomes obvious and understandable. Recommend.

logo All about pregnancy

All about pregnancy

All about pregnancy, childbirth and health of babies.

I immediately liked the menu in the months of pregnancy, choose the desired. By the way, and performed stylishly.

The site has a good base of doctors for any intimate reason in the major cities of Russia.

The good thing about this site is that you can ask your doctor.

logo Materinstvo


The portal about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting with an extensive female audience, one of the oldest sites of the Russian Internet in the family segment.

The resource was founded on November 2, 1999. During this time, accumulated vast experience in the field of pregnancy and childbirth, parenting and child care.

In Russian


  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Relationships
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Home
  • Health and Beauty
  • Celebrities
  • Indoor plants
  • Culinary tricks
  • Magic
  • Massage
  • Fashion, style
  • Food, diets
  • Holidays and gifts
  • Psychology
  • Congratulations
  • Wedding
  • Sex
  • Sport, fitness
  • Tourism, Rest
  • Studies, career
  • Etiquette
  • Tests

logo Your baby

Your baby

Resource for modern caring mothers from all over Ukraine.

On the pages of our site you will find the most complete answers to absolutely all of your questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth, motherhood, the health of not only your baby, but of the whole family, the development of crumbs from his very birth to 7 years. Also here you will find many interactive services, contests and promotions.

All articles are written for you by the editors, who are also moms. Each of them faces the same problems and situations every day as you, constantly looking for answers to the same troubling questions that arise with you.

logo Agulife

Russian Russian

phone.:8 800 200-74-77 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: Russia


A project for future and true mothers and dads, which addresses all issues of motherhood and child upbringing, not only in terms of problem solving, but in terms of the lifestyle of modern parents. The mission of the project is to be the main companion in a changed life day after day Young parents and the key to new discoveries.

Competitions, expert consultations, share experiences with others.


  • looking for neighbors for a walk,
  • finding places to go with a child (non-smoking cafe, children's pools ...).

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