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А project of SUP media.
A project for parents with an active lifestyle. Information on all aspects of life with children - education and upbringing, psychology and health, style and leisure, legal and acute social issues
A website with useful articles and services that help parents quickly find answers to questions, expert advice on an exciting topic.
The recommendations of leading pediatricians, psychologists, educators and lawyers and the experience of other parents are combined under one project.
Theory and Practice in One Flag. ONET
How often we say. "I am sorry that, because of employment I can not devote more time and attention to their children»
Face the children.

Roomtodo -
Planning furniture.

This is a domestic development, designed for new settlers and planning to renovate the premises. The project works directly in the browser and stores the result on the server. If desired, the resulting design can be published on Facebook or embedded into your site (like a YouTube movie). The program has a simple intuitive interface and the whole process of work is more like a game than working with professional software, while the picture is obtained Pretty enough.

There are 4 modes:

  1. construction (for building walls),
  2. 2D,
  3. 3D,
  4. first-person mode, which allows you to walk through the interior, controlling the camera with the help of Mouse and keyboard, as in modern shooters.
In Roomtodo there is not yet an opportunity to add your objects (developers promise that this function will appear), but if you are not a professional interior designer, then the available catalog is enough to create interiors of different styles.

The catalog has furniture, plumbing fixtures, lamps, various decorations and coatings for walls and floors, as well as structural elements (windows, doors, columns, stairs, etc.).

There are also materials and objects for the infield, but it is obvious that the main application for Roomtodo is the interior.

Planner5d -
Planning furniture.

One of the best programs for planners in 3D online.
There is a Russian language.
Distributed under the BSD license - open source.

Good video explanations. It is clear, as for the 3-dimensional graphics, it is difficult to understand through the dry text, it's easier to see once and everything becomes easier.
Intuitive interface.
The result can be embedded in the site, as shown below. There is a demo where you can spoil a ready-made layout.
Portal about children and family.
Selection of materials for family and children: delivery, care, education, training, etc .; Thematic conferences ...

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