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logo Violations Map

Violations Map

The map of violations, elections.
The authors of the project and the association VOICE.
This means that this is not an official project, but an initiative of the press. Therefore, we should not expect a quick reaction, but rather influence, which Internet has repeatedly rendered.

You can find out about violations of the elections or report on the website. From the name it is clear that the site navigation is built conveniently using the map. Immediately see where there were violations and how much. We press and read.

There is a hotline phone.

logo PutinTeam

reliable site

tel.: +7 (800) 444-55-55


Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin created the Putin Team to unite those who are proud of Russia and the president, wants to make our country stronger.

You can join and participate in the movement, share what you would like to see on the site, offer the idea of symbolism.

logo Movement Golos


Movement Golos

GOLOS Association.

Association of Non-Profit Organizations "In Defense of Voter Rights" GOLOS "is a leading Russian non-profit organization that has been engaged in independent monitoring of elections and protection of voters' rights since 2000. Today the Association operates in 48 regions of Russia.

GOLOS stands for honest, free and transparent elections. He conducts an active work on voter education, organizes the work of the hotline, conducts long-term and short-term observation of elections. Political neutrality is one of the most important principles of the functioning of the GOLOS Association. The Association uses the best advanced methods and instruments of observation For the elections. For 11 years of work, GOLOS has created a unique program for comprehensive election monitoring based on expert and practical materials. The focus of the project was 4 federal and hundreds of regional and local election campaigns.

Aims and objectives:

  1. preservation, strengthening and development of Russian civil society institutions,
  2. strengthening the role of public associations and active citizens in the process of making and implementing decisions by state authorities and local self-government Federations,
  3. free and fair elections, in particular, through public control over the electoral process,
  4. improving electoral legislation,
  5. educating citizens about the country's electoral legislation.

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