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SSL certificate
(secure sockets layer)
Unique digital signature of the site, which is required for a secure connection between the user and the server.

Surely you noticed that more and more sites add the letter S, for example:

It was -> it became HTTPS://

What is it for and what does it give?

Do you sit at home or in a cafe and visit the site, how does this happen?

We do not just enter the Internet and look at the site hanging in the air. This is the network. We enter this network with the help of a special service - the provider, which in turn is also part of the worldwide network.
And the site itself is on the server and also connected to the worldwide network with the help of special services.
And in all these providers and services there are real people who can easily intercept your logins and passwords, substitute another site with the correct address and look the same.

This protocol (HTTPS) encrypts the transfer of data from the computer to the site and back, which is important especially for the transfer of valuable information: banks, online stores, social networks ...

What about sites?

Sites can receive an SSL certificate and start working in this protocol. Not all scripts will work, only safe, because the site should first be tested, adjusted, and then run.

Google will soon be higher in raising sites with an SSL certificate, and without lowering it below and calling NON-RETAIN.

Site Owners

You can buy a certificate a lot where it costs from 2000 to tens of thousands per year.
But the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to provide everyone with such a certificate free.
MTI is one of the leading institutions in the United States. Therefore, you should trust him.
Hosting Gino has agreed with them and now you can free and quickly get an SSL certificate for Gino.

There are also hosters who claim that you can get them an SSL certificate EXTRA-FREE.
Strangely enough, this phrase sounds when it turns out that from the 2nd year you will have to pay 2000 rub. Per year.
So specify. I already got on the FREE. In most cases, this is a stock of 1 year.

Features of the HTTPS protocol

It is important to keep in mind that using the HTTPS protocol increases the load on the CPU of your hosting service by a factor of 1.5 or 2.

Not all code can work. If possible, it is better to test and fix the code, and then run.


It would be nice to prescribe the code so that your site does not go to 2 protocols, but only HTTPS. That is, if you type, then you will be redirected to .

It depends on the hosting that is prescribed. Well, you can find different options on the Internet and try. In the worst case, it just will not work.

For example:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Protocol} !=https
RewriteRule .* https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

  1. - WoSign - Free SSL certificate for 3 years. Then you can extend for free. This is better than a month or 3.
  2. - StartCom - Free SSL certificate for 2 years. Then you can extend for free.
  3. - HTTPS Everywhere - HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.
  4. - Yandex.Help - Instructions for the transition to HTTPS.


  1. - TinyCert - Free SSL certificates for your startup.
logo Jino


Very inexpensive hosting: powerful, with huge space, the most flexible and convenient in all respects. I used a number of hosting, had a very good experience, left just because there was not enough space or did not pull the server load. The site is growing.

I tried to leave 3 times, but I did not find anything better.


Huge space - starting - 50 Gb 125 Gb.
You may increase up to 500 Gb for 105 rubles per month.

Control Panel - simple, understandable, intuitive.
It's easy to orient to an unprepared user.
The main thing that I like in the control panel is the lack of tariffs, we only type those services that we actually use.
Almost all hosting changes occur in real time:

  1. we needed more disk space, added and the disk became bigger.
  2. connect - disable MySQL, PHP, subdomains, Dedicated IP ...
  3. Domains are added in a moment, subdomains are created (just create a folder with that name).
You hiked the site excessively, you need less space, reduce it and then your account changed to a smaller side.

We have attendance Site has risen to 2,000 unique visitors a day, then other hosting sites have flown.
The same continues to work steadily, when attendance has risen for 20,000 uniques per day.


Rarely, but there are server failures. By the way, they are everywhere, including Google and Yandex. The last couple of years I can not remember the failures.

It seems that there they have one specialist, because the answer to a serious question will only be in working hours. But all issues are resolved, there is a good support service panel with a history of correspondence.
In addition, they have a good HELP.

In principle, you can just go and see.


Disk space for files 125-500 GB.
For MySQL - 25 GB.
Up to 125 domains,
up to 100 FTP accounts.

Free SSL certificates

A user of the hosting can receive a free SSL certificate from the certifying center Let's Encrypt.
Certificates are issued within a few seconds via the Gino control panel and are renewed automatically.
We go into Domains, select one of our domains and add a tab.

A domain can be purchased from Gino or anywhere else and is simply used on this hosting.

Methods of payment

Regularly pass the shares, if we pay more forward, then we get something for free.
I have so received a decent headset, an external HDD, a tablet, something else. With gifts come fountain pens, something else with the Gino logo. Nicely.



SSL certificates for 3 years are free.
Who does not know is when the domain name starts with HTTPS://instead of the usual HTTPS://.

logo Let

reliable site


Let's Encrypt

Free SSL certificate.
The purpose of the project is to contribute to the speedy transition of the Internet to a secure HTTPS connection protocol. Moreover, developers of major browsers plan to refuse to support the old HTTP protocols.

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