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Eastern kitchen

logo Tanuki


Restaurants of home Japanese cuisine in Moscow and Moscow Region, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Samara, Ufa, Kiev, Kharkov and Almaty.

Delivery of sushi and rolls home or office.

In the delivery menu

  • rolls "California", "Philadelphia", "Dragon" and other hits "Tanuki";
  • Real tastes of Japan: sushi, rolls, salads, cold appetizers, soups and hotter according to company recipes;
  • “De Luxe” sets in an exclusive black box and a variety of classic sets;
  • rich, tasty, healthy and beautiful children's menu;
  • vegetarian sushi, rolls, snacks, sets, soups, desserts;
  • sauces for every taste and color;
  • a large selection of delicious drinks and Tanuki specialty lemonades;
  • Delicious desserts and the famous Modji ice cream with thirteen different flavors.

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logo MYBOX


Delivery WOK, sushi and rolls.
Federal network of sushi markets and wok cafe.
Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine.
More than 300 departments in more than 90 cities of Russia.

You can order traditional homemade rolls and sushi, Pan-Asian noodles and wok rice, flavored soups, light salads, desserts and other dishes of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine.

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All about Sushi!


Portal about Japanese cuisine: sushi, sashimi, rolls. Catalog of establishments and delivery services. Information on cooking, etiquette and much more.

logo CCTV


Chinese cuisine.
Video on the website of Chinese television in Russian.

logo Sushifan




The community of sushi lovers.
Recipes of sushi, rolls, sashimi, onigiri, oso-zusi, gunkany, temaki, futomaki, uramaki and ingredients from which our favorite sushi and rolls are prepared.

  • Everyone can share
  • reviews about visiting Japanese restaurants,
  • opinions about land delivery services, etc.
  • post photos of own sushi or made at visiting Japanese restaurants, as well as photos of sushi from delivery restaurants.
  • post recipes for own sushi,
  • share their impressions, opinions, reviews of visits to Japanese restaurants. These reviews create a rating of restaurants.

In Russian
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