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  1. - Chitalnya - Literary portal with a free publication.
  2. - Bookish - Book Network.
logo LiveLib


A living library, a book social network, an international book review database, a popular book search engine, a book knowledge base, a book exchange site, a service that every reader needs.

  • Find the books you need,
  • learn new items and popular books on your topic,
  • find the opinion of like-minded people about a particular book,
  • the statistics collected by the site, and the reviews of our readers will help you find Course in the sea of ​​books.
Try to remember which books you read last year? What did you like the most? What ideas impressed you? With LiveLib, you can always answer these questions.
Do you know what books your friends recently read? Ask them and you will learn a lot. Or invite them to LiveLib. And if you are interested, who reads your books, and what else interests these people - then you are in the right place.

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logo Writing together

Writing together

Collective book runet. Everyone can write it.
You can write and add pictures.
Register and be a co-author.

In Russian

The community is an information resource for writers.
A place where people who are keen on literature find information about writing and book publishing. The site contains information necessary for the author to write and publish a book well, and then to promote it.


Platform of mutually beneficial cooperation of authors, readers, publishers and advertisers.
Authoring an account, publishing, reprinting and posting articles for free.

Journalists posting articles creates a portfolio and earns a reputation.
Specialists from various fields (scientists, politicians, lawyers, economists, etc.) can share their discoveries, developments and ideas with a huge audience, all that is required is to place the articles in the appropriate section, and the recognition of a wide range of readers will not take long to wait.

Site owners publish articles to attract new visitors to their site.

Authors can create an account with information about themselves and provide feedback, receive orders, reviews, statistics of views and visits to their articles ...

The main condition for the publication of the article is uniqueness and the article should not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.


The truth is somewhere near or social for those who like science fiction.

logo 750 words

English - English


750 words

We write 750 words every day.
The site prompts to write 750 words every day.
It will be useful for a writer or a novice writer.
It is required everywhere.

Maxim Moshkova Library

Journal of non-professional literature.

Not sure if you came across? In Soviet times, there were books of self-publishing, that is, printed by hand.
An incredible amount of copies was used to print the maximum number of copies at a time.
The binding was made. Pretty clumsy, but strong. No cover.
Of all the technologies used only typewriter. In Soviet times, it was very technological.

Going to the site, we see that there is samizdat. Neither design nor style.

Here the author can post his work. The base is impressive - more than 100,000 authors, about one and a half million works.There are ratings, news, discussions.

Registration is required. But you can just read without registering, even write a review to the author.

Maxim Moshkova Library
logo Leanpub


A powerful platform for serious authors. This platform is the combination of two things: a publishing workflow and a storefront. For bloggers, leanpub also has a feature to automatically create a book from your blog posts. Integrates with Dropbox.

logo Letter


A literary magazine and a playground for young poets, prose writers, playwrights and critics of the region.
The opportunity to publish and discuss texts, the opportunity to express themselves in the contemporary creative space.

The magazine Bukva is the connecting thread of beginning writers to readers.

How to become an author

  1. Helmet your creation on or through a website,
  2. the editorial board will review and give an answer about publication ... or refusal.

logo Wattpad


The world's largest community for readers and writers.

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logo My library

My library

A social network for those who like to read.

logo KnigoGid


Book guide in the world of literature.

Non-commercial service of user recommendations and the exchange of publicly accessible literary and other texts that do not pursue profit.

In order to write a review, registration is required. You can just read it like that.


  1. to offer personal recommendations in various fields of literature, technical and scientific texts;
  2. exchange evaluations of texts and find congenial readers;
  3. public information storage;
  4. Playground for publishing your own works. =

Registration gives

  1. personal rating of texts and works;
  2. Notify you of updates from the group of your choice;
  3. allow you to postpone on the "shelf" what you would like to read later;
  4. a place to publish your reviews and reviews;
  5. keep a diary and reading history,
  6. will recommend that you might be interested to read more.


Poems and prose.

Music and voice greetings on the phone.

Copying materials is allowed only with the active link to the site.

logo Bookmix


The social network of book lovers will help you:

  • easily and quickly find people with similar literary tastes and preferences;
  • find new friends and acquaintances, organize your own groups;
  • discuss the books you read, and just remember everything that you read and create your own digital library.
  • exchange opinions about literature that you care about;
  • find people with similar tastes and like-minded people;
  • remember all the books you read;
  • get recommendations from other users and the system;
  • receive up-to-date information on all novelties in the book market;
  • find where the book you are interested in is sold and purchased at the lowest price;
  • And much more!

logo Bukriver


The principle is to help save the forest. To less books bought through more effective use of existing.
If you read the book, you can change it for another or just give it.

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