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Church splits

Initially in Israel there were 12 tribes or tribes of Israel. It is like a united Europe or rather as a principality of Russia, which later united. Germany was also formed from german tribes, and France.
That is, there were completely independent tribes.

King to us

Israel wanted the king, which was a sin against God. Why sin? About this later.
So, the election of the king was as follows:
  1. the tribal council was going to, if I may call it so,
  2. The priest asked the Lord and then informed the people
  3. the board decided whether they want it or not.
1st king - Saul was chosen this way.
2nd king - David has long been wanted was recognized in this way, only he has already proven himself in action.
3rd king - Solomon already ascended to the throne, as heir, true during David's lifetime, there was enough authority of David.
4th king - Rehoboam could also come to the throne, as Solomon and the dynasty would go like the other nations. But Solomon made an unpardonable mistake not taking taxes from all the tribes of Israel, except the tribe of Judah. It is clear, looking at the tribe of Judah, the rest wanted, at least an easing of the tax burden, which did not happen. As a result, there was a split.

First of all, what happens. Judea continues to influence the northern tribes through the temple. Then, for political reasons, the Northern Kingdom builds 2 altars for itself - in the south and in the north. It falls into idolatry.

Split Result

We remember that Israel took Canaan land crossing the Jordan in the Jericho area. That is, he went neither from the north, nor from the south, which would be natural, but with an uncomfortable position. History shows that Israel has always been conquered not from the north or south, but from the east. He was divided in half, that is, the enemy came to the rear and took over.
The promised land was also conquered.

At the split, Israel became vulnerable.
Result - the northern kingdom, consisting of 10 tribes of Israel, in Bible it is also called Ephraim (the most influential tribe), was captured and ceased to exist. So, Israel lost 10 tribes.

Here's to you and the answer to the question "what was the sin that Israel wanted the king?". The fruit speaks for itself. The period of the judges rallied Israel and brought him closer to God. And the choice of the king in practice split the country and 10 tribes disappeared from the face of the earth.

Great schism

A similar story happened in the church. Does not Bible teach anything?


  • 2 brothers did not share the empire and divided it equally - west and east.
  • The Western Roman Empire began to influence eastward through Vatican, because religion remained common.
  • Then the east decided to divide the church for political reasons. Well, the church preferred power to unity. Cool, here we were no one and here we have our own center of Byzantium.
That's the whole story of the great schism. You can do many conclusions, but you yourself can do it.

Big split, even the revolution

How was the split bigger? Yes, and besides more influential. But let's get everything in order.
Church spread among the Gentiles primarily through the preaching of Paul. And how did Paul do it?
  • Paul goes to a new city,
  • Paul goes to the synagogue and preaches about Christ,
  • he is kicked out, at times with beatings and only a handful of people follow him. Why such victims?
  • When Paul left, he could not just abandon the newborn church from the Gentiles, there would have been just a nightmare. He put the elders of the former Jews. They waited for the Messiah, were instructed in the Word. Only they and were able to lead.
Church lighter and faster spread to the east, but when Muslims came, then all Eastern Christians were converted to Islam. And the citadel of Christianity was Europe. And there was a church of the Gentiles with the Jews at their head.

There is a conflict. Since the time of Jesus, there was a Greek translation of Bible - the Septuagint, so that and pagans have access to the Word. So, in fact, the revolution takes place. Church is divorced from Judaic roots and from all Jewish:

  1. The first symbol of Christianity was The Star of David, which is natural and understandable. Jesus did not come anywhere, but to the Jews. The Jews waited for the Messiah and He did not deceive ... Christianity rejects this symbol and the symbol becomes the cross.
  2. The 7th day of the week becomes Sunday instead of Saturday.
  3. Church defines its date Easter so that it does not coincide with the Jewish, ignoring the Jewish calendar. Thus, the Christian Easter becomes guaranteed wrong. Even when it coincides, in Christianity everything revolves around Sunday, not Saturday.
  4. Pentecost calls Trinity, and ignores autumn holidays altogether
  5. Yeshua becomes Jesus. Jesus is not the name of the Messiah, but the Greek translation of the Hebrew name.
  6. Your Bible is translated into the Latin Vulgate and it becomes a more correct Bible.
  7. New year is moved to January.
  8. Come up your holidays.
  9. Apostles Paul, who was not with Jesus, were introduced to the apostles, but he preached to the Gentiles.
  10. They set up their temples on the land of Israel, so that the historical places associated with Jesus became difficult to find. The reason for the many temples in holy places is business, earnings on pilgrims
  11. In the end, it was the church that gave birth to anti-Semitism.
In short, we are our own, we built a new world, leaving from the roots, from the sources.
The question arises: "for God in all this followed the church or for ...?"

Today, especially when Israel is rebuilt, Christians are becoming interested in it, as well as interest in its history. All the more Christians turn ATTENTION to the roots, the basics.

Jewish Christianity

Church did everything not to bring a Jew to the church, but that he was not guaranteed to go there.
  1. Cross for a Jew, what is a swastika for a Russian. Crusaders and the church killed many Jews. And why does the star of Moses not fit? In Judaism, there is no contradiction when you accept the Messiah.
  2. The Christian church sounds absurd for a Jew, because the Jewish church is called "Messianic synagogue", which is more Jewish in Hebrew.
  3. It's ridiculous for a Jew Jeshua to be called Jesus. And the Messiah Christ.
By the way, there is the Jewish New Testament, where biblical places are called real names, as they are normally called by the Jew and we are in ordinary life, and not as translated from Greek. Peter is named Kefa.
And the cross is called the rack of execution and there is no contradiction here, because the original does not have a cross, but a pillar, because it is not the shape of the pillar that matters, the material is the tree.

Comparative review

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