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Some events of history

132 Destroyed Jerusalem.
360 The scrolls are replaced with books.
500 In India, a decimal system is invented.
845 In China, paper money is running.
863 Cyrillic is developed.
980-1015 Prince Vladimir.
1017 The 1st stone church in Russia.
1095 1st crusade.
1100 In Spain, the production of solid soap begins.
1100 Leprosy in Europe.
1145-49 2nd Crusade.
1180 Glazed windows in private houses in England.
1420 England and France sign a peace treaty.
1439 The Greek and Roman churches are united under the authority of the pope (the Florentine union).
1455 the first book of "Bible of Mazarin" is printed.
1492 Discovery of America.
1480 Ivan III liberates Russia from the Tatar-Mongol yoke.
1517 Luther 95 Theses, the beginning of the Reformation.
1582 The Gregorian calendar.
1620 Pilgrims are sent to America.
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