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Sayings of the fathers of the church

Luther: "Magic is the opposite of true religion." Magic takes care not about how to subordinate a person to God's will expressed in Scripture, but about how to subordinate God to the will of people. But since this is impossible, then all magical acts are "Dreamy vanity," a kind of dope, with the help of which Christians are put to sleep and distracted from the patient bearing of the "cross."
Athanasius the Great (360 AD) "The Lord did not command only to baptize." He instructed to teach first, faith must come as a consequence of learning, and baptism as a confirmation of faith. It is unacceptable for the body to accept the sacraments in which the soul Does not participate. "

"Grace is a great power, the power of God that is given so that we can overcome the barrier of repentance!" The barrier of false shame and humiliation. "This gift is a great blessing, because without it there can be no repentance and salvation."

John Chrysostom: "In order to receive forgiveness from God, it is not enough to pray for two or three days, it is necessary to change the whole life and, leaving a vice, constantly abide in virtue." God does not leave us sins when we ourselves Do not leave. "
Basil the Great: "The most faithful sign by which every penitent sinner can know whether his sins are forgiven is that when we feel such hatred and disgust from all sins that we'd rather agree to die than arbitrarily Sin again before God. "
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