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Calendar of Beatles events, John Lennon

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18 FebruaryYoko Ono, John's 2nd wife, was born.
Japan, Tokyo (on the map)


3 DecemberThe wedding of Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


10 SeptemberWas born the first wife of John, Cynthia Powell.
United Kingdom, Blackpool (on the map)


9 OctoberJohn Lennon was born, 6:00 and 30 minutes.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


15 JulyLennon's mother, Julia Lennon, is run over and killed by a speeding car.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


9 OctoberLennon's 21st birthday.
He and McCartney celebrate by buying bowler hats and hitchhiking to Paris.
France, Paris (on the map)


23 AugustLennon marries Cynthia Powell.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


8 AprilJohn's son was born to Cynthia, Julian Lennon.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)
3 AugustKyoko Chan Cox is born in Japan to Yoko Ono and Anthony Cox.


7 FebruaryCan't Buy Me Love leads hit parades in the UK and USA.
23 MarchLennon's 1st book immediately becomes a bestseller.


24 JuneJohn's 2nd book.


9 NovemberJohn Lennon meets Yoko Ono at the Indica Gallery.
United Kingdom, London (on the map)
4 MarchJohn Lennon said in an interview that '.we're more popular than Jesus Christ…'.
United Kingdom, London (on the map)


18 OctoberJohn and Yoko are under police arrest for possession of cannabis.
They face trial in Merillbone, and they are released on bail.
29 Novemberthe album Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins came out, stereo version
8 NovemberThe divorce, Cynthia divorced John for cheating on Yoko Ono.
According to official reports, John Lennon paid her compensation of £100,000.


27 JanuaryJohn and Yoko meet up with Allen Klein, future manager of the 3-beatle.
8 OctoberYoko Ono took part in the recording of the Beatles' song for the first time.
25 NovemberLennon returns his Member of the British Empire medal as an anti-war protest.
7 Novemberthe album Wedding Album came out, stereo version
12 Decemberthe album Live Peace in Toronto 1969 came out, stereo version
Canada, Toronto (on the map)
16 DecemberLennon returns to Toronto to announce the opening of the World Music and Peace Conference.
Eleven cities around the world were covered with huge posters that said, 'The war is over!
Canada, Toronto (on the map)
22 DecemberJohn and Yoko are meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
Canada (on the map)
29 DecemberJohn and Yoko go to Denmark to visit the daughter of Yoko Kyoko, who lives with Tony Cox and his new wife Melinda.
Denmark, Aalborg (on the map)
20 MarchJohn and Yoko Ono's wedding.
Gibraltar (on the map)
9 Maythe album Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions came out, stereo version
1 JuneGive Peace a Chance came out (John Lennon)
Canada, Montreal (on the map)


20 JanuaryJohn and Yoko cut each other's hair.
Denmark (on the map)
26 JanuaryThe beginning of John Lennon's collaboration with Phil Spector, who is making a brilliant recording of Instant Karma.
United Kingdom, London (on the map)
11 Decemberthe album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band came out, stereo version
20 FebruaryInstant Karma came out (John Lennon)
5 MarchLennons are being treated for drug addiction at the London Clinical Hospital.
2 AprilA hearing was held at the London Magistracy on the defense of John Lennon's exhibition of erotic lithographs.
United Kingdom, London (on the map)


6 JuneJohn Lennon and Yoko Ono take part in Frank Zappa's and his band 'Moser's of the International' concert at the closing of New York's rock theater 'Fillmore East'.
USA, New York City (on the map)
9 Septemberthe album Imagine came out, stereo version


22 DecemberAnother trial on the issue of custody of Kyoko.
The father receives custody.
Tony Cox, with whom the girl continues to live.
Yoko is allowed to meet her daughter periodically, but Tony refuses to let her daughter go with the Lennons and soon disappears ag.
23 DecemberThe premiere of a 81-minute color video on TV.
Guest artists include George Harrison, Fred Astaire, Phil Spector, Dick Cavett and Andy War Hall.
4 FebruarySenator Storm Thurmond sends a secret message to the Attorney General John Mitchell proposing deportation from John Lennon's country.
16 MarchJohn Lennon began a struggle with immigration authorities for U.S.
citizenship after receiving a demand to leave the country for cannabis possession in 1968.
2 AprilJohn Lennon and Yoko Ono gave a press conference on the occasion of their disagreement with the U.S.
immigration authorities' intention to deport a couple to Britain.
USA, New York City (on the map)
12 Junethe album Some Time in New York City came out, stereo version


8 Januarythe album Approximately Infinite University came out
16 Novemberthe album Mind Games came out, stereo version
2 MarchJudge Ira Fieldsteel issues an order requiring John to leave the United States voluntarily within sixty days or to be deported.
Yoko is granted resident status.
A month later, John's lawyers appeal.
1 AprilHaving broken up with Allen Klein, John and Yoko hire Harold Sider, formerly Klein's right hand.


4 Octoberthe album Walls and Bridges came out, stereo version
28 NovemberJohn last appeared on stage as a guest at an Elton John concert in New York's Madison Square Garden.
John doesn't know that there is Yoko in the hall, with whom they meet later behind the scenes.
USA, New York City (on the map)


31 JanuaryYoko manages to bring John home.
9 OctoberJohn's son from Yoko was born, Sean Lennon.
USA, New York City (on the map)
21 Februarythe album Rock 'n' Roll came out, stereo version


1 AprilJohn's father, Alfred Lennon, died of stomach cancer.
United Kingdom, Brighton (on the map)
7 Junethe album Rock 'n' Roll Music came out, stereo version


23 October(Just Like) Starting Over came out (John Lennon)
17 Novemberthe album Double Fantasy came out, stereo version
8 DecemberJohn Lennon was shot dead.
USA, New York City (on the map)


10 JanuaryDouble Fantasy became the number one album in the U.S., where it lasted 8 weeks.
USA (on the map)
16 JanuaryWoman came out (John Lennon)
14 MarchCover of John Lennon's song - Roxy Music single 'Jealous Guy' #1 in England.
27 MarchWatching the Wheels came out (John Lennon)


9 Januarythe album Milk and Honey came out, stereo version


2 December
23 MarchJulian Lennon's first concert was held.
USA, San Ontonio (on the map)


10 Februarythe album Live in New York City came out, stereo version


5 MayThe John Lennon Memorial Concert organized by Yoko Ono, attracted less than a third of the expected 45,000 fans.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


15 JanuarySean Lennon released his version of his father's 'Give Peace A Chance' on the day of the end of the UN's invasion of Iraq by Kuwait.
6 DecemberAunt of John died, Mimi Smith.
United Kingdom, Pool (on the map)


3 December


24 AprilJohn's aunt Mimi Smith was born.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


31 August


25 January


28 March
USA (on the map)


21 November
USA (on the map)
16 FebruarySean Lennon organized a concert called 'We Are Plastic Ono Band' where Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann and Jim Keltner performed.
USA, New York City (on the map)
23 June


14 DecemberJohn's father, Alfred Lennon, was born.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


12 MarchJohn's mother, Julia Stanley, was born.
United Kingdom, Liverpool (on the map)


1 AprilCynthia Lennon dies of cancer.
Spain, Majorca (on the map)

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