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George Harrison

Listening albums of George / Discography of George Harrison

George Harrison
full name: Sir George Harrison
(25 February 1943, Liverpool — 29 November 2001, Los Angeles — 58 years) died of cancer


mother: Louise Harrison (Louise French) (10 March 1911 — July 1970 — 59 years)
father: Harold Harrison (2 May 1909 — May 1978, Liverpool — 69 years)

sister: Louise Harrison (16 August 1931, Liverpool)
brother: Harold Harrison (1934, Liverpool)
brother: Peter Harrison (20 July 1940, Liverpool)

 1-st marriage of George 

wife 1: Pattie Boyd (Patricia Anne Boyd) (17 March 1944, Tonton, UK)
married: 21 January 1966 — 1974

 2-nd marriage of George 

wife 2: Olivia Harrison (Olivia Trinidad Arias) (18 May 1948, Mexico City, Mexico)
married: 2 September 1978

son: Dhani Harrison (1 August 1978, Windsor, UK)

Louise Harrison - mother of George


Patricia Anne Boyd - 1-st wife of George

Dhani and Olivia Harrison

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