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Neural Network has determined the authorship of some of The Beatles' songs

A mathematical algorithm capable of determining the authorship of music by The Beatles with a high degree of probability has been developed by a group of scientists from Harvard University in the USA and Delhousie University in Canada.

Most of the band's songs, including Yesterday, Let It Be and Come Together were signed by a couple of authors - John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The musicians themselves sometimes gave contradictory comments on how and by whom the hits were created. Fans continue to argue which of the two musicians can be considered the main author of a song.

A group of scientists led by Mark Glickman, a Harvard mathematical statistician, developed an algorithm using machine learning to identify the author of a song. Specialists worked with 70 compositions written from 1962 to 1966, the authorship of which was clearly established. In them they have allocated 137 unique melodic drawings and sequences of chords. When the algorithm learned to determine the authorship of these 70 songs with an accuracy of 76%, he was offered eight songs for analysis with unknown authorship.

Neural Network has determined that the music for Ask Me Why, Do You Want to Know a Secret and loss to A Hard Day`s Night was written by John Lennon with a 90% probability, and loss in In My Life with a 57% probability was written by Paul McCartney.

Ernie Sutton, the head of the British Beatles Fan Club, said that the research is very interesting to the community and has given rise to a lot of discussions, "although, of course, even new technologies are unlikely to allow us to identify the authorship for sure.

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